Roofing A Guide to Shingles

There is a wide range of asphalt shingles on the market today, but not all are created equal. To help you get an understanding of the options out there, the team from Roofing Insights recently walked through the different options in a video and rated them based on what they do and don’t recommend.

The video brought together roofing professionals from around the country.

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Together, they each reviewed a variety of shingle brands, rating each in several different categories and providing points for each category. The categories included:
Nailing zone
Common bond area
Coverage area
A consistent number of shingles in a bundle
Granule loss
Ability to provide feedback to the company

In the end, there were nine shingle brands the roofers would recommend based on their overall scores. Those shingles included, in final from most to least points:

Pinnacle Pristine
IKO Dynasty
Malarkey Highlander
Malarkey Vista
BP Vanguard 42 IR
TruDefinition Duration
CertainTeed Landmark
Timberline HDZ
IKO Cambridge

The two brands they would not recommend based on their review were:

Pabco Premier
Tamko Heritage.

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