Tankless Water Heater Myths

The beauty of having a home water heater is to save on energy and time. However, with the growth of technology today and efficiency made better, you might be wondering why you’d choose the tankless water heater over the traditional water heater (tankful). The video breaks down the myth on the comparison.

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First, the tale on the cost as explained in the video. A tankless water heater seems to save you almost $7.50 in a year operating cost but in reality, how often do you realize that amount, honestly? Secondly, the tankless water heater is said to experience instant hot water, but they all require a circulation pump.

The last myth is pegged on maintenance, yet the care in both depends on the type of water (hard or soft water) used in both heaters. Regardless of the myths on both the tankless water heater or the traditional water heater, you would agree that the tankless water heater is more efficient. It has a long life span of almost 25 years, uses little space because it is not cumbersome, and performs more efficiently due to limitless hot water used at home. Therefore, the tankless water heater seems entirely more sustainable than the tankful one.

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