Embarrassed By Your Old, Boring Carpeting?

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The floors of a home are perhaps the most neglected feature in terms of room makeovers. Flooring display ideas like to focus on the alignment of sofas and tables, or shiny chrome appliances and sleek countertops. The floor should not be forgotten though, as it has the largest surface area and therefore can make a big difference in the appearance of a home.

Because it is walked on and abused by heavy furniture, pets, children, and all manner of spills, you want your chosen flooring to be stylish but also have longevity. Read below to choose one that works for you.

The Timelessness of Hardwood Floors.

There is just something romantic about hardwood floors. It might be the way the right lighting can make it gleam, but there is no doubt a home with this type of flooring is considered visually appealing. Wood floors are also easy on allergy sufferers, as it is incapable of harboring dust mites. As an estimated 40 million people in the U.S. put up with allergies, that could be a point in the house’s favor when attempting to sell.

If properly treated, hardwood flooring can be easier to clean then carpet, especially if your house is home to indoor pets or small children. Some home design stores have flooring display ideas for special hardwood designs using different types of wood to create interesting patterns. It is definitely a conversation starter.

The Comfort of Carpet.

While hardwood floors are beloved by many, 44% of homeowners admit their prefer wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedrooms. Carpets do muffle sounds, which is appreciated at bedtime. The question with carpet installation is do you hire a professional or attempt to do it yourself?

If you decide go at it alone, carpet comes in 20 by 20 inch tiles. If you decide to have a professional do the hard work for you, it is recommended that a thorough contract is drawn up, including:

    1. Remarks on the condition of the subfloors
    2. Estimated amount necessary to carpet
    3. The estimated time for installation
    4. Cost of installation, broken down by item

The Ease of Tile Flooring.

Another very popular item for flooring display ideas is tile. Tile flooring is a favorite on internet sites for flooring display ideas because there are so many options regarding color and style. If installed properly, tile will last a long time. One concern about this type of flooring though is that it can get very slippery when wet.

The potential problem with tile getting wet is the possibility of water leaking beneath through cracked grout. Installers who adhere to the guidelines as outlined by the Tile Council of America know the potential problems to look out for when laying tile.

There are options out there when remodeling a home, even for the floor. And you do not have to pick just one style; mix up the design throughout the house to fit your and your family’s lifestyle.

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