The Top Two Environmentally Sustainable Roofing Solutions

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What type of general contracting services are you on the lookout for? Are you searching for commercial roofing that is affordable and easy to access? Or are you more interested in construction companies with an environmentally responsible approach? Whatever your goal, modern commercial construction can offer you a plethora of resources to save you money and ease common industrial strains on the environment. Below I’ll list the two most popular roofing solutions, their environmental benefits and how general contracting services can help.

Conventional Roofing Materials

Let’s start off with your average roofing materials. Ever notice that sweltering haze that seems to collect over your roof in the hot seasons? That feature can be a thing of the past with cool roofing materials — cool-colored metal roofing uses pigments that can reflect anywhere from 20% to 90% of heat and sunlight, while cool roofing materials in general can absorb up to 35% of the sun’s energy. Correct roofing is essential in saving money in the long run and can reduce as much as 30% in your general energy usage, which means goodbye costly energy bills! Summertime can be brutal on energy costs and urban air temperatures could even be reduced by 12 degrees on average if more people used better roofing methods. But how else can we use the sun to our advantage?

Solar Panels And The Environment

Solar energy is fast becoming the go-to source for environmentally sustainable, cost efficient energy. Did you know that solar panels can save you over $80 per month on electricity? Ever since 2011 solar panels dropped dramatically in price due to technological innovations, meaning cheaper and more eco-friendly energy is more accessible than ever. Your house can even reduce its carbon footprint by over 35,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year by switching to solar panels! Home construction doesn’t have to leave you in the dark — roofing contractors are dedicated professionals who combine technology with functionality to make sure you save money and the environment all in one fell swoop.

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