Here Are Some Carpeting Tips For Your Next Floor Replacement

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When you’re looking at all the floor options available to you, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the prospects. What is going to look best in my home? What material will work best with my budget? What is the level of care I want to invest in my floors? No matter what your concerns may be, carpeting is a great choice for your new floor. Here are a few carpeting tips to help you see why carpets cover nearly 70% of American floors.

Don’t be scared of cleaning – Now more than ever, it’s easy to care for and maintain your carpet. So long as they’re treated within the first few days of spilling, almost 99% of carpet stains can be removed, thanks to advanced carpet cleaning products. You won’t have to worry about keeping your carpets stain-free, so long as you take the necessary steps to spot treat stains as they happen.

Don’t be caught up on the color – There are lots of different carpeting styles and colors that you can choose to accent your home decor. If you’re big into interior design for your home, look into what kinds of carpeting will really make your home stand out. Patterns like chevron are very popular this season, as well as beautiful extravagant florals and decorative filigree.

Don’t let longevity sway you – Some may argue that carpets don’t last as long as other traditional flooring options like hardwood. But the truth is that most carpets come with a manufacturer warranty that guarantees you at least 10 years of use. With durable woven carpeting, you could even expect up to 30 years of use, with proper maintenance and care, as well as minimal foot traffic.

Don’t let the worry get in the way of your amazing, comfortable new floor. Carpeting is soft, durable, easy to customize and easy to clean. You won’t regret having it in your home.

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