5 Unique Touches for Custom Bathroom Vanities

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Custom wood kitchen cabinets get all the attention when it comes to custom cabinetry. But custom wood cabinets are a beautiful addition to many rooms in the home, even rooms not traditionally thought of as beautiful: bathrooms. Installing custom bathroom vanities is a wonderful way to turn these often utilitarian rooms into elegant and enjoyable spaces. But if you’re going to spring for custom made cabinets (and there’s no denying custom wood cabinets cost a pretty penny sometimes), how can you make them really stand out? Consider these unique touches for custom bathroom vanities:

  1. Integrated Sconces

    Overhead lighting can pose difficulties for tasks such as shaving and doing makeup, but you definitely don’t want the dated look of dressing room-like bare bulbs around your mirror. Instead, choose some sophisticated sconces and have them mounted as part of a one-piece vanity that includes a mirror. That way you’ll have even light from both sides.

  2. Raised Vessel Sinks

    Standard undermount sinks work just fine, but they’re not very visually appealing. A vessel sink — one that sits on top of the countertop — can be made of a variety of beautiful materials and in custom shapes to add more personality. You’ll also gain a little more storage space underneath you vanity, since the sink bowl won’t be taking up that interior space.

  3. Wall-Mounted Fixtures

    When you’re already having plumbing work done (as you likely are if you’re installing custom bathroom vanities), it’s not much more difficult to have your faucet and handles mounted on the wall, rather than on the horizontal counter surface. However, it’s a sleek look that’s sure to impress. Just be sure the fixtures are at a height that everyone who uses the bathroom (little ones included) will be able to reach.

  4. Detailed Edge Tiling

    It’s generally not a good idea to use delicate tilework on the top of a counter because it’s easy for the grout in between to become dirty and discolored (not to mention a haven for bathroom bacteria). But you can still use penny tile, shell tiles or glass tiles in your vanity as edging. This custom touch can even be integrated with other detailing in the shower and tub area for continuity.

  5. Custom Knobs and Pulls

    Did you know you can have custom knobs and drawer pulls made? A monogram would be a classic choice, though the only real limit here is your imagination and the relatively small face size of most fixtures.

How much thought have you put into personalizing the bathrooms in your house? Discuss which of these ideas appeals to you — or share your own ideas — in the comments.

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