Quick Home Efficiency Fixes

Rebates for solar energy

When remodeling a home, one of the most important renovations to make is to increase the property’s energy efficiency. There are many different ways to make a home more energy efficient, and most of them increase the property’s resale value. Whether you are improving the home to save money as a homeowner or to make a profit selling the property later on, energy efficiency is a good place to begin.

The easiest way to improve a home’s energy efficiency is to replace old appliances with new ones. New appliances are engineered to use less electricity and water while cleaning more clothes and dishes at a time or making rooms cooler and food warmer. Look for Energy Star appliances to receive tax credits and other incentives on the home remodel.

Another way to increase the energy efficiency of a house is to update doors, windows, and insulation. By keeping cold air out and warm air in, homeowners are able to use their heaters less, saving them money on utility bills. Of course, this works with air conditioning in the summer, as well, lowering electric bills.

Once windows, doors, and appliances have been replaced by their energy-efficient counterparts, more ambitious homeowners can install residential solar energy systems. Solar energy installation can be costly up front, but can save homeowners thousands of dollars in the long run. In addition to the savings from not having to pay for electricity, many states offer solar incentives to entice homeowners to install residential solar systems on their homes. Some utility companies even allow homeowners to sell electricity back to them from their solar panels.

Every homeowner is able to increase their energy efficiency, even if a brand-new solar array is out of the question. Something as small as a new dishwasher can make an enormous difference in utility bills and home resale value. If you want a more energy efficient home, talk to your contractor to find out where you should start.

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