5 Features That Will Make Your Custom Built Bookshelves the World’s Best

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Built-in bookshelves add the best of both worlds to any living room or library: beauty and function. And by going with custom built bookshelves, rather than the free-standing bookcases that can be bought at any big-box store, you’ll never have to worry about them tipping over or the shelves bending under the weight of your favorite hardcover tomes. Plus, you’ll maximize every inch of space your room offers.

If you’re investing in custom built bookshelves, why be content with just some standard shelving? Here are five features you’ll want to incorporate into your built-ins:

  1. Multiple Shelving Heights

    Many built-ins have fixed shelves all of the same height. Instead, opt either for adjustable shelves — a custom builder will be able to make them look nice, don’t worry — or a good variety of heights so that you’ll be able to showcase everything from short paperback mysteries to tall coffee table books (and items such as vases).

  2. An Integrated TV Spot

    You probably like to watch TV, but that doesn’t mean you have to look at it all the time. Sliding panels or cabinet doors that recess can allow you to hide your TV most of the time without inhibiting viewing when it’s time for movie night.

  3. Gadget Charging

    Chances are you do as much of your reading on a laptop, tablet, or e-reader as you do in physical books. Having outlets installed in your custom cabinetry will allow you to charge and store these out of the way.

  4. Extra-Deep Cabinetry

    Custom bookshelves are, essentially, custom wood cabinets. And like most custom made cabinets, you should think about incorporating both open shelving and closed compartments. You’ll probably want more shallow shelving in this situation than you would in a kitchen, for example, but you should still include some deeper lower cabinets. These are perfect for storing big board game boxes and mundane items such as office supplies.

  5. A Caffeine Station

    Whether you expect to be spending late nights frantically studying or lazy Sundays reading for pleasure, chances are you’ll want to do so with a cup of coffee or tea in your hand. So why not incorporate a hot beverage station? If you want an even more relaxing option, you can even have a hanging wine rack or a place for a decanter put in.

What would you include in your dream built-in bookcases? Join the discussion in the comments.

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