• Five Safety Tips for Next Year’s Hurricane Season

    Hurricane proof sliding glass doors

    Hurricane season might be over, but that doesn?t mean it is too early to begin preparing for next year. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30 of each year. It can be difficult to predict how bad a hurricane season will be, meaning you could have a year with minimal storms and then a year with an extremely dangerous storm. It is always a good idea to be prepared for the latter. These hurricane preparation tips will help you to protect your house and family.

    Create a hurricane evacuation plan
    The good thing about hurricanes is that they often give a lot of warning. Yet, it can be difficult to evacuate if you don?t have anywhere to go. Instead of rushing around, trying to make evacuation plans when the time comes, create a hurrica Continue Reading

  • Three Ways Elevators Wear Themselves Out

    Seattle elevator

    Elevator rides take place every day. They are in our office buildings, our apartment buildings, shopping malls, and many other places. People enter, push the button for their floor, then exit. Sometimes there are conversations in the elevator, sometimes music, sometimes silence. People do not think about how an elevator works until it stops working. Then they will complain that the managers of the building should have seen the signs an elevator needs maintenance. How frequently should an elevator get maintenance? For a elevators in the home, maintenance is recommended every 12 months. Business elevators will likely require maintenance more often than residential e Continue Reading

  • Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials From Granite to Quartz

    How to measure for countertops

    The second most popular home remodeling requests have been for kitchen remodels, according to a recent National Association of Home Builders survey. The results showed that 69% of the requested jobs were for this central hub of a house. During the kitchen remodeling process, countertops have often been at the top of the list for upgrades.

    The Average Size and Price of Kitchen Countertops

    The average kitchen within the United States has about 25 square feet of counter space. In many instances, homeowners are interested in expanding their counter spaces. When homeowners have new countertops installed, they spend an average of $2,912.00 to create the look that they want. This price does vary, however, and depends on the size of the countertops as well as the materials used to constru Continue Reading