Three Ways Elevators Wear Themselves Out

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Elevator rides take place every day. They are in our office buildings, our apartment buildings, shopping malls, and many other places. People enter, push the button for their floor, then exit. Sometimes there are conversations in the elevator, sometimes music, sometimes silence. People do not think about how an elevator works until it stops working. Then they will complain that the managers of the building should have seen the signs an elevator needs maintenance. How frequently should an elevator get maintenance? For a elevators in the home, maintenance is recommended every 12 months. Business elevators will likely require maintenance more often than residential elevators due to the many, many trips business elevators take. Here are three reasons to get your elevator checked out today.

1. People ride on elevators a lot. Every year, the people in the U.S. take 18 million elevator trips. Imagine living in an apartment building with an elevator, going to work, going shopping after work, before returning home. That may be 6 elevator rides in one day by one person. This happens all over the country, every day. All those little trips add up. 18 million trips per year is a lot to ask of our elevators. It is no wonder they require maintenance and elevator services.

2. Elevators can really move. Elevators move at an average speed of 5 to 22 miles per hour. That speed, combined with a lot of starting and stopping, means a lot of wear and tear on all the parts. Even residential elevators that see less use than commercial elevators will see that wear and tear on parts. An elevator repair company can check your commercial or residential elevators and replace or fix the worn parts. This will help ensure safety and keep the elevator running as long as possible.

3. Elevators get old, too. After 20 years, elevators should be modernized. Maybe it is time to replace your elevator and are wondering about commercial or residential elevator installation. The normal wear starts to accumulate and eventually the commercial and residential elevators need to be modernized or replaced. By hiring a professional for elevator maintenance, you can ask about the best way to proceed if you think it is time to replace or modernize your elevator.

Residential elevators and commercial elevators experience much wear and tear. The many trips, constant starting and stopping, and speeds that can reach over 20 miles per hour take their toll on the equipment. Professional service is recommended to keep your elevator safe and operating as long as possible. When the elevator is beyond repairing, it may be time for a replacement. Take care of your patrons and make sure every trip is a safe one with professional elevator maintenance.

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