Five Safety Tips for Next Year’s Hurricane Season

Hurricane proof sliding glass doors

Hurricane season might be over, but that doesn?t mean it is too early to begin preparing for next year. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30 of each year. It can be difficult to predict how bad a hurricane season will be, meaning you could have a year with minimal storms and then a year with an extremely dangerous storm. It is always a good idea to be prepared for the latter. These hurricane preparation tips will help you to protect your house and family.

Create a hurricane evacuation plan
The good thing about hurricanes is that they often give a lot of warning. Yet, it can be difficult to evacuate if you don?t have anywhere to go. Instead of rushing around, trying to make evacuation plans when the time comes, create a hurricane evacuation plan ahead of time. Establish where you will go, how you will get there, and how you will pay for it. It can be useful to create an account just for emergencies, such as hurricanes. If you have family in another state, this might be an affordable evacuation plan idea.

Pack an emergency bag
If you have to leave for an evacuation, you don?t want to waste valuable time packing. The moment can be hectic and confusing, and it is possible that you will leave either items you really need or really want. Packing an emergency bag that you leave in a closet can help you get out quickly. If there are items that you cannot leave stored or simply don?t want to, consider putting a list in your emergency bag. In the event of a hurricane emergency, you can refer to the list to ensure you get everything you need.

Evaluate your current homeowner?s insurance
Now is the time to evaluate your current homeowner?s insurance policy. Don?t wait until your house has experienced damage to find out that it isn?t covered. A single hurricane stirs up millions of miles of air and can dump more than 2.4 trillion gallons (9 trillion liters) of rain a day. Some insurance companies, for example, might only cover your damage if you have some type of hurricane protection equipped, like hurricane sliding doors or hurricane proof windows. Changing your insurance to a carrier that covers hurricane damage could be a lifesaver.

Protect your investment
If you live in an area with the likelihood of a hurricane, make sure you are properly protecting your investment. With hurricane sliding doors and hurricane glass doors, you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected. There will also be some hurricanes that you choose to ride out. In this event, you want to know that you are safe in your house with hurricane sliding doors and windows. Having high impact glass can also protect other parts of your house, like the carpet, the walls, and the foundation. Avoid lengthy and costly damages by staying ahead of the damages and using items like glass door systems and quality glass door manufacturers.

Listen to the media
With hurricane season being so long, it might seem tempting to ignore warnings to evacuate. You have to unsettle your life every time it happens. But, you never know when one of those warnings could be a serious one. It is best to listen to the media and the city authorities. If your city officials recommend that you leave the area, leave. Don?t wait for a mandatory evacuation. At that point, you are forced to rush and resources are low, preventing some from leaving.

You can never accurately predict how bad a hurricane season is going to be. The year of 2017, however, was particularly bad. The year of 2017 spawned an incredible 10 storms in a row that became hurricanes, a feat that has not happened since 1893. If you live in an area where hurricanes are possible, make sure you are protecting your house with hurricane sliding doors and that you are prepared in the event of an evacuation.

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