Eager For Your Next Homeowning Project? Here Are Five Fun Ideas For Transforming Your Basement

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We all have our favorite areas of the home. One person may love the bathroom because it’s where they do all their make-up. The other might prefer the kitchen as their zen location of choice. But how often does someone admit to loving their basement? More often than not the basement is where we stash our extra junk, a place associated with shadows, spiders and a few slip and fall incidents. It seems times are changing, as one of the most popular homeowning projects to rise to the forefront these past two decades is the garage addition and basement renovation. People are starting to see the benefit of all that extra space for something other than boxes of old family photos.

Got ideas? Give the list below a glance and see if you can’t find a few ways to bring out the hidden potential your basement has to offer.

Turn Your Basement Into An Entertainment Room

We all need a space where we can unwind and recharge. Entertainment rooms are a much-beloved addition to any home and an ideal choice for an area as quiet and removed as a basement setting. A 2016 U.S. Houzz and Home survey found over two-thirds of homeowners (that’s about 70%) planning on including a recreational area in their newly built custom home. Another 30% stated they actively used their basement as a place to watch movies and play videogames.

Entertain Guests And Family Alike With Some Fun Additions

We touched on creating your own entertainment room with a garage addition or basement renovation. What if you just want a place to entertain your family when they drop by? You can add not just a television or game console, but a pool table or poker table for extra fun during those long holiday evenings. A recent survey found over two-thirds of homeowners actively planning on renovating and the basement has remained high on the to-do list outside of patios, porches and backyards.

Improve Your Home’s ROI With A Home Improvement Contractor

For those that want to sell their home in the future, a garage addition or basement renovation has you covered. Homes that have a little extra work put into them fare much better on the job market than their more lackluster counterparts. Home Advisor revealed the average basement remodel (even something as simple as adding a new game table) can have up to a 70% ROI. Next time you’re wondering how to spice up your home, giving your basement more mileage with a quick clean-up job can really help down the road.

Create A Prettier And More Stylish Home Storage Space

Perhaps you only want to use your basement as a method of storage. You can still benefit greatly by contacting a home improvement contractor and asking them to help you clean up your space. According to studies provided by the United States Census Bureau, over half of all the newly constructed single-family homes had a two-car garage in place. A garage addition can make the most out of your space, such as adding shelves, counters or corner tables to put all of your extra supplies. At the end of the day? Your home is what you make of it.

Great Starting Ideas For The Creative Homeowner

You now know that a remodeling venture can yield a 70% ROI at the very least. Your cellar doesn’t have to be a dingy place fit only for the most unwanted of boxes, but a comfortable and peaceful space to relax with your family. You can even transform it into a fun entertainment room for late-night movie parties! Your home addition cost will only stand to benefit when you put your nose to the grind and catch up to speed with all the latest renovation ideas. A finished basement contractor will know exactly what your home needs to stand out among the pack, even if it’s just shedding some literal light on your long-forgotten attic.

Forget about cobwebs and broken mousetraps. Your basement could yet become the best part of the house by far!

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