The Architecture Design Firm Process

The house design process can be a beautiful and functional way to express creativity. An architecture design firm has the skills and passion to deliver this design to a homeowner, so they can turn around and make the design into the home of their dreams. But how does the designer go about creating the draft?

First, all assets are organized and laid out in a list so they are not forgotten or overlooked. The architecture design firm will review each room and space to decide, with the help of the homeowner, where they will be placed.

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This list will be referenced throughout the entirety of the design process.

The spaces are then sketched onto a piece of paper loosely with important notes about location, view, items in the area, and more. This helps to keep everything straight in the design process, ensures all spaces are mapped properly, and allows the homeowner to visualize their new space. The draft is then passed along to a more thorough designer, who will create the final drawing of the home, which will be passed to the builder.

This process of designing a custom home is important because the home is the center point of a person’s entire life. It needs to be exactly perfect to ensure happiness and comfort for the client.

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