How to Install a Tankless Water Heater

In this video, process of tankless water heater replacement service is shown. Tankless water heaters may be installed in two ways: flat against the drywall or plaster, or between the wall studs. Install the device into the wall by cutting a hole between the studs you discover using a stud finder.

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Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s directions while attaching the device to the wall. Different companies provide you tankless water heater replacement service.
Connect the water heater’s supply lines. Before turning on the water, connect the water supply pipe to the inlet and the home’s supply pipe to the outlet. Make sure both lines have shutdown valves installed near the appliance. A pressure-relief valve may also be necessary. Finalize the inlet and outlet connections using union fittings.
Don’t turn on the power or gas until after you’ve opened the water valves. Run water through the device for a few minutes using the house’s faucets. Get rid of any dirt by removing the inline filter near the input. Turn on the gas and water, replace the filter, and re-establish electrical power. It’s time to put the device through its paces.
In short, this video will tell you further details about the heater replacement services as well.

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