Essential Tips to Build Your Own DIY Mantel

Are you a pro DIY enthusiast? You may be thinking about new interesting projects to upgrade your home. Building your own floating fireplace mantel may be just what you’re looking for.

You’ll first want to find the right material. If you want the highest quality, you may want to look for some high-quality reclaimed wood. You could also opt for metals, though keep in mind they could heat up while hanging over a roaring fire.

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If you plan to decorate your mantel, you’ll want to make sure it’s strong and can hold an appropriate amount of weight. You’ll want to create load-bearing studs in the interior so you can be confident whenever it holds a keepsake or souvenir.

When you’re ready to hang your mantel, make sure you’re anchoring it in a secure area. Use a stud finder if you have to and start fixing the mantel to your wall. Soon you’ll find you have a mantel that is as sturdy as can be!

Now you can relax knowing you built your home with its own custom mantel. This will be an excellent place to put special or personal items. Guests will be sure to complement a centerpiece that can’t be found anywhere else!

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