Why You Should Build a Pole Barn

A pole barn is created by putting many large poles in the ground rather than building a traditional foundation. This type of structure takes less time and money to build than the alternative. In this video, the presenter explains why the best time to build a pole barn is before summer.

The reason most buildings are erected in the summer is that concrete needs to be poured and left alone to set. That’s something that can’t easily happen in the colder months of the year when the ground is frozen.

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Building a pole barn skips this step and allows the builder to purchase lumber and other materials ahead of the game at lower prices. Another reason to build earlier in the year is that there isn’t the same backlog of materials and workers as there is in the summer and fall.

Overall, building a pole barn early in the year helps with avoiding the headaches typically involved in construction projects, while saving time and money. With fewer projects going on, project managers will have the time and flexibility to focus on your project and make sure it meets your intended timelines and specifications.


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