What to Know When Getting Electric Car Charging Stations For a Home

When you get a new electric car, you may struggle when trying to shift from gasoline to electrical charging. If you own your home, you may want to consider installing electric car charging stations for a home. Here are some of the things to know about these charging stations before your next purchase.

There are different levels of chargers and can start at a 120-volt plug. A 240-volt is the next step and that requires a special installation.

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These can give you 15-30 miles for every hour it is plugged in. Knowing the mileage rates you can get with a charger is important for planning your day. The level chargers are what you might see at a gas station and those charge quickest of all. You can get these for your home but they are quite pricey.

You should also try to find a charging station on your route if you have a long commute. This is important in case you hit unforeseen traffic and your electricity is winding down. In the future, electric chargers are aiming to use induction, like laying your phone on a pad to charge. These exist, but hopefully, they will be available for residences soon.


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