Are These the Ultimate Smart Blinds?

Are you looking for new blinds to install in your home? There are more and more options out there that make shade easier to acquire in the home. Blind companies are pushing these advances more and more because they make the lives of homeowners so much easier.

One of the new advances in tech for these blinds is the ability of the shutters to detect sunlight from the outside and adjust the brightness in the room naturally.

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Another pro to these window blinds is that they have a motor built-in so that it’s easier to roll the window up and down. If you have kids in the, then you know how much they love to play with things that break. This makes the window shutters much sturdier and more difficult to toy with. The final really cool thing about these blinds is that it pairs with your phone! So instead of having to click buttons on the blinds themselves, you can pair everything to work with your phone, which happens to also be the way that the blinds are able to adjust to light sensitivity specifically to the settings you want.

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