What is Burnishing?

Are you getting work done around the home? Do you feel you handier than simple home fixes? Why not look into something like Burnishing?

What burnishing means is using a smooth hard tool to rub against metal. What this does is make the metal much harder and reinforces it. This is also typically a cold process, where water is poured onto the tool so that the metal doesn’t crack. So using a burnishing tool for metal can greatly improve the quality of the metal you’re working with. There is also such a thing as diamond burnishing, but what this process captures is the essence of smoothing over an object to make it harder.

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This answers the question of what do you use a burnishing tool for. So why might this pique your interest? Well, there are in fact professionals who specialize in this process. It is not a simple cakewalk to burnish something correctly. If you are too rough, the surface you are burnishing can easily crack. So if you do consider doing this as a profession, it helps to be meticulous.

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