Eggshell Paint Why is Better than other Paints

Eggshell paint finish has a subtle but noticeable sheen. It tends to be more elegant than a gloss finish. Also, it has more sheen than emulsion paint but much less than silk and satin. The lustre of eggshell paint finish is somewhere between satin and matte paint colors. Nevertheless, it will leave a shiny look on your walls. As the name suggests, the paint finish resembles the surface of an eggshell.

In most cases, eggshell paint finish is used to add a vintage appearance to wood. It is, also, commonly used to add a rustic or heritage style to interior walls. A surface with eggshell paint finish is not only easy to clean but also has a more reflective appeal than flat paint.

The paint finish provides myriads of benefits. First, it is hand wearing and wipeable. It is a great choice for radiators and woodwork. It maintains a low sheen level but withstands scrapes and knocks. Acrylic eggshell is a perfect choice for painting drawers chest and dining chairs.

Some people paint the walls using matte finishes. However, matte finishes absorb light instead of reflecting and is only suitable when painting massive walls to hide imperfections. On the other hand, acrylic eggshell is reflective. It is a better alternative to a matte finish. The paint finish is stain-resistant and easy to wash. Therefore, a great choice for painting kitchens, bathrooms and other places where hand wearing fish is requisite.

Unlike traditional oil-based paints, eggshell paints are water-based acrylics. For starters, you can easily wash water-based paints from brushes using water. Also, acrylic paints are more hardwearing compared to vinyl.

Benefits of Eggshell Paint Finish

1. Durable

Eggshell paint has a long lifespan. It forms a protective cover on the outer surface when drying. It is the perfect choice for high traffic rooms.

2. Easy to Clean

One of the best features of these paint finish is that it is quite easy to clean. This characteristic makes it a great choice for homes that have a lot of kids. If your kids are always messing with the walls regardless of how much you try to clean and maintain, then eggshell paint finish is your best option. You can easily clean the walls with a wet sponge or cloth without leaving any marks. It is ideal paint for kids rooms. Moreover, the reflective characteristic makes the room appear bigger and brighter.

3. Aesthetic appeal

Eggshell finish provides a feel thanks to its gleam and soft sheen. It has a reflective and lustrous finish that makes you will look attractive and glamorous. This makes eggshell paint suitable choice for decorative purpose.

4. Reflectivity

One advantage of reflective paint is that it is washable. It is very easy to get rid of dirt and keep the wall looking fresh and clean. The reflectivity of eggshell paint is sufficient to reflect light but not enough to portray imperfections of your wall. It will not only reflect the light in your room but also bring out the best in your room’s color. It makes small rooms look bigger.

5. Well Balanced Strength and Pigment

The pigment of paint is often reduced when the paint strength is increased to strike a balance. Eggshell paint has perfect combination of strength and pigment. It will prove very durable without making your walls look dull. Therefore, it is a suitable exterior floor paint.

6. Versatile

Eggshell paint boasts of versatility which makes it the most used paint. Whether it is hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, kitchens, or living spaces, eggshell paint is the best choice. Eggshell paints come in a wide variety of qualities. The latest qualities are environmentally friendly since they have low or no VOCs.

When choosing paint, always go for premium quality even if it means spending some more money. It will definitely, last longer, look better, and cover more. While eggshell paint is easy to clean, it is quite difficult to destroy. This means that it can withstand the natural wear and tear for quite long. Lastly, it is important to buy from reputable brands and involves paint experts during application.

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