The Do’s and Don’ts of Installing Peel and Stick Wood Planks

If you are a homeowner wondering how you can transform your home from merely beautiful to breathtakingly beautiful, look no further. It is nothing close to rocket science. Peel and stick wood wall plank will easily do the trick for you. However, you must install them correctly to achieve a perfect look.

Advantages of Installing Peel and Stick Wood Wall Planks

If you were contemplating on how to transform your home, use peel and stick wood wall planks to enjoy the following benefits.

Natural Wood Appearance

We all love authenticity. Besides looking luxurious and elegant, the engineered hardwood blends perfectly with your existing décor. You don’t have to get rid of your other pieces for the wood to look good.


Peel and stick planks look extremely high-end when installed correctly. Due to the elegance, one would think that they leave you deep in debt upon installation. Surprisingly, they are very affordable. Although the size of your wall determines the budget, you end up saving so much in the long run.


Hardwood, as the name suggests, is strong and durable. Therefore, once you install hardwood planks in your home, you can comfortably focus on other projects since all your wall décor needs will be adequately taken care of.


Peel and stick wall panels are extremely simple to install. You don’t have to spend money on an installation company or struggle to look for a highly qualified person to do the job. With the right materials, you can do it yourself within a short time. Just be accurate with measurements.

Tips on Successful Installation of Wood Wall Planks

If you adhere to all the steps correctly, you will fall in love with your space after the transformation. Here are some of them.

Measure Carefully

For excellent results, you have to measure and mark your planks carefully. Preferably, use tape to know the width of the plank you have to rip. Mark the rip line accurately. You are at liberty to use any straightedge or level.

Rip the Wood Wall Plank

After measuring and marking your plank, you can now rip the plank starting from the mark. You can use a jigsaw, utility knife, or table saw depending on the length of your plank.

Dry Fit the Plank

Going straight ahead to stick the wood planks might be disastrous. To avoid disappointments, ensure that you assemble all the peel and stick wood wall planks before attaching them. Test if they fit perfectly. Only rip and stick them after you are sure they fit.

Apply Enough Pressure

Although the planks are adhesive, you can apply some extra pressure to ensure they stick well. However, they hold better with textured walls.

Prepare Your Wall Adequately

For this entire project, your wall is your working space. Therefore, it should be in its best condition. Clean your walls thoroughly before starting, and let them dry off.

Start in the Middle

In most cases, the ceilings and floors are not perfectly straight. Therefore, to counter the challenge, use a level tool to mark a level line at the middle of your wall. Once you install your plank here, everything else will fall into place with ease.

Staggered Joints

For an appealing look, cut varying lengths of the planks. That way, the joints will be staggered, creating a more elegant look. You can play around with lengths to create beautiful patterns.

Mistakes to Avoid

Since you are peel and stick wood wall planks on your own, making mistakes is possible. Here things that could turn your project into a total mess.

Installing on Moist Walls

Self-adhering wall planks don’t go well with moisture. Avoid installing them in rooms with leaks or poor ventilation. Excessive moisture can lead to expansion and shrinking of the wood. Therefore, you won’t get value for your money.

Working on Multiple Rows Simultaneously

You want your surface to look even. Therefore, you should focus on a single row at a time. That way, the rows will look uniform and flawless at the end since you can maintain equal levels.

There is no standard rule on patterns. Whether you want to install your planks in a vertical, horizontal, or any other design, you can. Get stick on shiplap planks and transform your space.

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