Rodent Control Services That Your Home Needs

From the moment you see a rodent trekking across your yard, you might have some concerns, as damage from animals in homes is very real and can be one of the scariest things that you will ever endure as you wonder how you will protect your home and lawn from harm. Whether or not you have experienced squirrels in the attic or other destructive animals have been borrowing into your home or digging up your yard, wildlife control is something that we see as necessary, especially if you do not want to dish out thousands into fixing your home once the damage has already been done.

The Growing Problem with Rodents in Cities

According to the 2017 release of the “New Republic” magazine, the country was on the verge of a rat takeover, with these rodents taking over many places like Washington, DC, Houston, and New York City among many others. The truth is, rats and other rodents tend to breed very quickly. Two rats in a special type of environment can actually turn into 482 million rats in a two-year time span, which is why it is important to solve this issue from the start if you believe that rats have infested your neighborhood.

You might be most likely to find rats and many other related and destructive rodents in areas like those that are urban in nature due to the fact that there are many places that these animals can hide and many opportunities for them to dig through the trash. The three places across the U.S. where rats thrive the most based on these facts are Chicago, New York City, and Washington, DC.

The Impact that Unwanted Rodents Have on Our Food Supply

One of the most disturbing facts about the issue with controlling rodents is the fact that rodents actually taint our food supply, which is why there is a huge need for rodent removal and the damage from animals becomes much more realistic. Did you know that, without pest control services, rodents and bugs would destroy approximately 50% of our current food supply? Rodents and rats consume up to 20% of our food supply as it stands and this problem is only going to grow worse in time. This is why it is a good idea to get control of the issue early-on so that we can prevent the drastic effects that might take place in the future.

On top of that, rats and other rodents have been responsible for the spread of many serious and even fatal diseases throughout history and continue to spread disease today, but this can be prevented. The CDC says that, across the world, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases and this problem continues to grow as well.

Many cities are becoming overrun by a rodent issue that is spiraling out of control. Because of this, pest removal is of utmost importance in many cities and rural areas alike. Though some people believe that these practices are not humane, they are unaware of the reality of these situations and just how desperate these situations have become for those who suffer in cities where their homes and workplaces are overrun by these destructive critters. If you are experiencing damage from animals that are not supposed to be inhabiting your home and yard, it might be time to speak with a rodent control service professional who will successfully halt this problem and help you move forward.

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