Termite Season is Here; Get the Help You Need to Fight Back

Termite damage

April is finally here and that means wonderful things. Baseball, cookouts, swimming, and other outdoor activities are finally here. Unfortunately, there is one giant negative that comes with April and I’m not talking about showers.

Mosquito and termite season is here. Yuck.

Sadly, these pests come back every year to annoy us, transfer diseases, and damage our property. Every year in the United States, termite damage affects around 600,000 homes. This damage is costing U.S. homeowners around $30 billion a year as well.

Hiring a professional exterminator to take care of these termite issues can end up saving you a fortune in the long run. A typical homeowner who discovers termite damage in their home spends on average $3,000 to repair all the damage. That’s why being proactive and hiring an experienced exterminator can help avoid that hefty repair cost, as well as the stress of having termites roaming free throughout your property.

Consulting with professionals should still be done, but there are a few things you can do to deter termites a little bit before an exterminator gets there.

  • Keeping firewood at least five inches off the ground and at least 20 feet away from your home can prevent termites from accessing your home, at least quickly. They still can eventually, which is why professionals should be consulted, but doing this will definitely lower the damage temporarily. Keep an eye on rotted stumps and logs as well, and remove unwanted piles of wood and debris from your home.
  • Keeping termites from eating is essentially the way to stop them. If you maintain at least six inches between your home’s structural wood and soil, the clearance will prevent decay which attracts pests.

Keeping your backyard safe and pest free might be one of the most undervalued aspect of home owning. Your backyard is an extension of your property and you should take all the necessary steps to ensure your entire property is protected.

Pest control is very serious, and working with an experienced company that knows how to get rid of mosquitoes and termites and other annoying pests can end up saving your property, you wallet, and your peace of mind.

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