When to Hire Professionals to Remove Rats

Ever since the Agricultural Revolution, humanity has built permanent settlements, raised livestock, and harvested grain and other crops. This transformed the human race, but a few downsides presented themselves. With people living in permanent communities and storing large amounts of food in one place, wild animals such as rats, mice, and more took advantage of this. A stockpile of train is a feast to these unwanted rodents, and this problem persists to the modern day. Animal removal can be a headache for homeowners, restaurant managers, or hotel managers alike. In a house, squirrel removal may be necessary if these animals chew their way into the attic, and an animal and rodent removal company can be hired to deal with them. For millennia, people have had to deal with these rodents making off with food and spreading disease. Fortunately, an animal and rodent removal company can help, and homeowners can also buy certain items to help fight back.

Rats and Mice

These small rodents have been a nuisance for many years. It is estimated that as much as 20% of the entire world’s food supply is consumed or contaminated by rodents and other wildlife, a staggering amount. But if an animal and rodent removal company isn’t hired to take care of this, the problem could be even worse. Without rodent control, as much as 50% of the world’s food supply would be ruined.

Why are these animals so troublesome? As explained above, they often steal or contaminate food, and they are attracted to homes and urban areas due to the abundant food supplies. These rodents will eat nearly anything, and Dumpsters and trash are banquets to them. Not to mention a homeowner’s unguarded pantry or a restaurant’s stockpiles. Today’s buildings and cities provide endless hiding spots and food alike, making them very attractive to these rodents.

On top of that, rats and mice are known for carrying disease and contagions. These animals, like most others, would rather flee than fight, but they may bite or scratch if cornered. A rat or mouse bite may transmit rabies to people or pets, and that can be deadly. These rodents also carry fleas which also harbor illness, and flea bites can be a fast route to gruesome viruses. In fact, the infamous Black Death spread throughout medieval Europe due to flea-bearing rats spreading across the continent. At the time, cat populations were low due to witch hunts, and this allowed the plague to spread even faster. Rats are not causing nation-wide plagues today, but all the same, they are health hazards and should be treated as such.

Hiring An Animal and Rodent Removal Company

When is it time to hire an animal and rodent removal company? A homeowner may hire roofing contractors and rodent control when squirrels have invaded the home. It is typical for squirrels to access a house’s roof with nearby tree branches, then chew their way through wooden walls and enter the home. There, they may build nests in air ducts and chew on plastic pipes and electrical cords, ruining those utilities. Squirrels have a need to constantly chew items to keep their tooth growth under control, and they do so at the expense of a typical homeowner. On top of that, the holes that they chew into attics tend to leak rain water whenever it rains or when snow melts on the roof.

In other cases, a restaurant manager may hire an animal and rodent removal company if there is a large rodent infestation in the premises. Smaller rat populations may be handled alone, but larger populations call for professional help. A restaurant or hotel may be temporarily closed while professionals scour the building to clear out these unwanted animals, and contractors may seal up the holes and cracks that they use to get in.

A homeowner can take measures against smaller rat invasions. Baited traps can be used to get rid of them, and poisoned pellets may work, too. Great care should be taken when setting out poisoned food pellets so that pets or small children do not consume them by accident. For homeowners who don’t want to deal with dead rats, they can set out cages for live capture and release the trapped rodent somewhere else.

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