Save Money And Make Money The Financial Benefits Of A New Slate Roof For Your Home

What’s in a roof?

It’s certainly a way to keep your head covered from the elements. It also does its job to retain temperature and save you money on your energy bills. A good slate roof, however, can be so much more. Homeowners today are always on the prowl for ways to save money, even if it means they have to spend a little to get there, and residential roofing is a great place to start if you’re low on ideas. Installing a new roof or repairing your existing model will go a long way in keeping your energy bill low and your ROI high…among other things!

Don’t look up ‘roofers near me’ just yet. Learn about the benefits of a slate roof for your home below.

Improve Your ROI

Increasing your home’s value is done through smart installations. A slate roof can be one of the best choices you’ve made for your home’s ROI in a while, as it’s a feature that’s becoming more appealing for real estate agents and customers alike. A new asphalt shingle roof has an ROI of 60% or so, which can be even higher if you pair your home roofing installation with siding repair. For homeowners who want to sell in the future? This is one aspect that can’t be missed.

Enjoy More Durability

The last thing you want with your renovations is constantly having to repair your way to a better home. A good roof shouldn’t just be efficient. It should also hold up to the test of time and provide you a breather. A consumer survey found durability to be the number one factor when determining a new roof to purchase, totaling a whopping 85% of all respondents. This was followed close behind by longevity. These aren’t the only benefits you can expect to get when you reach out to roofing companies in your area.

Bolster Your Aesthetic

Is your home looking a little on the sparse side? Roofing contractors can provide you with a beautiful roof that brings out the best in your home design. The roof represents around 40% of the visual exterior of a typical home and plays a very important role in its overall aesthetics. Even the most impressive paint job or lush front lawn will look lackluster if the roof isn’t up to snuff. Homeowners have been found to be most likely to repair their roof following weather damage. Why not take the initiative this year and have a new roof improve your home’s appearance?

Save On Money

Saving money is always nice on your way to a solid renovation. Roofing services are a great way to take the bite out of your monthly bills, providing you a roof that’s free of minor cracks that can sap away at your heating and cooling systems. Just choosing the right roofing material could result in an impressive 30% decrease in your home’s energy needs. This is due to superior roofing doing a better job of retaining temperature changes and preventing leaks, both of which will shave chunks off your monthly bill until it’s looking much better.

Choosing Between Roof Maintenance And Roof Installation

Whether you need a new slate roof or a simple repair, figuring this out early on will set you up for success well down the road. Today four out of five homes in the United States are covered in asphalt shingles, with the slate roof rising in popularity for its classic appearance and multitude of financial benefits. For those that already have a roof they’re satisfied with? A little repair could be in the cards. It’s recommended by most professionals today you have your roof inspected once or twice for year for hidden structural damage or minor leaks. Nothing like a little initiative to make the future brighter.

Thinking of hiring professional roofers now? Look toward roofing services in your area and enjoy the host of benefits that come with a happier roof.

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