How Regular Roof Inspections and Maintenance Can Prevent Water Damage

Remember those drawings of a house that you made as a kid? There was a house with a sloping roof, two windows and a door. Maybe with a tree growing beside it and stick figures showing Mom, Dad, and two kids. All with big smiles on their faces. Kids still draw similar pictures. Maybe there’s something instinctive about knowing how important roofs are for homes and families. And how a safe roof can put a big smile on your face. Even today, when you’re grown up with a house of your own, knowing that your roof is sturdy, weatherproof, and ready for winter can give you a gentle glow of self-congratulation. Finding a reliable roofing company is the essential step in keeping your home and family safe and protected in all kinds of weather.

Keeping your roof in good repair
As those childhood pictures remind us, a sturdy roof is what keeps your home and family safe and happy. It stands between you and the weather, protecting you from rain, snow, sleet, icy winds, and all kinds of storms. And in return, your roof needs some care and attention from time to time. Right now, with winter headed our way and preparing to unleash some spectacular storms, is a good time to make sure that your roof is leak-free and ready for the season.
In fact, regular maintenance and inspections can also prolong the life of your roof. They help you to identify and fix problems before they get out of hand. The main culprit that damages roofs is water. A roof can receive up to 1500 gallons of water with an inch of rainfall. If the water finds a leak, it can get into the structure and cause some serious damage. As many as 40% of all problems in building structures are related to water damage. Luckily, it’s possible to fix most problems before they do too much harm.

Roof repairs can prevent serious problems
Calling in the roofing company at the first sign of trouble can prevent major problems from developing. As a home owner, it’s important for you to learn to identify the signs of trouble. Many roofing services also carry out regular inspections, which should be done twice a year. Signs of trouble include missing or damaged shingles, blocked gutters, and loose seams. Indoors, cracked and peeling paint, discoloration, and warped wallpaper may all indicate a need for roof repairs.
The good news is that even if you have a leaking roof, it doesn’t need to replaced completely. Roof repairs can fix most of the problems. Roofers can fix leaks, replace shingles, and clean gutters and spouts. Most water damage to buildings can be prevented. Some simple inspections can be done by the homeowner but most work should be done by a professional roofing company with the right training and equipment.

Why you need a professional roofing company
DIY roofing is not recommended. It’s easy to injure yourself, and the work may not be done properly. Professional roofers have the training and knowledge to do the work safely and properly. They understand different types of roofing systems and will have the latest information necessary. It’s a good idea to choose a roofing service that is insured and bonded.

A regular inspection and maintenance schedule can prevent any major problems developing in your roof and house. Finding a reliable roofing company is an essential step towards keeping your home and family safe in all seasons.

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