Simple Tips to Safely Paint Your Baby’s Crib

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A crib is perhaps the most conspicuous feature in an infant’s room. It’s where your little one spends most of their time, napping and sleeping. As a parent, you may be thinking of upgrading an old crib with a new one. While that’s not a bad option, it’s a costly investment. You may want to consider repainting, which offers you an opportunity to try out different colors that match your personal style of decor.

Here are few tips to help you give your newborn’s new bed a nice finish touch.

Choosing the best paint for baby crib
Babies are generally sensitive and highly susceptible to infections and diseases. As such, it’s important to use baby safe paint for cribs that provide a toxic-free environment for your child. Paints are made up of different ingredients, and most of them contain a harmful substance called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This compound emits toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment, affecting the quality of indoor air.

Although there are various sources of VOCs in your house, paint is the primary contributor. So, when looking to buy paint for your baby crib, go for the low VOC and low odor paint, which are either water-based or solvent-based.

Prepare the crib
After getting the right paint, you want to make sure that the crib is in good condition before the paintworks begin. You will know if a bed is loose by the sounds it produces. If it rattles, you may have to fasten and tighten the bolts to make it firm and sturdy. Also, clean the crib surfaces and remove any trace of dirt or grime. Then place a piece of canvas or material that will protect the floor from the paint.

Disassemble the crib
Applying paint of the individual bed frames can help achieve a more superior finish. Using a sandpaper grit, scuff all the surfaces to make it rough so the wood primer and new coat of paint stick properly. Clean the crib again to remove any sanding dust.

Actual painting
Start by applying coats of non-toxic paint and let it adhere for about 3 hours. For more crib customization options, you can paint little shapes, figures, quote, your child’s name among other fancy designs you’d like. Mind the type of brush you are using. There is no need to invest in the quality baby safe paint for cribs and then use a poor quality brush to apply it.

After the coats have adhered properly, you may choose to apply a gloss varnish to give the crib a clear finish. Though that’s not absolutely necessary if you had used a premium non-toxic baby safe paint for cribs. Let the final coat to dry and then assemble back the crib, ready for use.

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