How to Get the Most Out of Remodeling

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In the United States, homeowners love to remodel and renovate their homes. Some people prefer to get involved in a do-it-yourself style project and some people will look to hire professionals to work on their home. However, it is important for anyone that wants to get involved in home remodeling to make sure that they are well informed before they move forward with this process.

Home remodeling is not easy despite what you may see on HGTV or any Youtube channel that gets into home remodeling projects. So many people in the United States underestimate the difficulty of a home remodeling project and it is important that they truly understand what they are getting into before they start with the project. Here are all of the facts on home remodeling.

Basement remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and home additions are all potential home remodeling projects that people will get involved with. Understand that over 75% of all homeowners will change the style of their kitchen during their home remodeling project. This is because the kitchen is one of the hottest spots to renovate and change along with the bathroom as well.

On average a basement remodels or renovation can end up having nearly a 70% return on investment for the person that is renovating their basement. According to a recent survey, it has been determined that nearly two-thirds of all homeowners in the country are planning on getting renovations done to their home and nearly 35% of all remodeling jobs involve the entire home.

A 2016 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study revealed that over 30% of all people that renovate their bathrooms are specifically looking to expand their shower size by 50%. A 2016 Houzz Kitchen Trends study gathered data that revealed that nearly 87% of all homeowners looked for help from a professional during their kitchen renovation project. It is importnat for people to know that a minor kitchen remodel can have an average return on investment that is usually over 80% which is pretty amazing.

The return on investments that come from making additions to the bathroom can be up to 86% on average. Over 90% of all homeowners want to change the style o their master bathroom during their home remodeling project which includes making changes to the room and also possibly expanding their shower area. The National Association of Home Builders conducted a survey which determined that the most requested job in the United States is bathroom remodeling and it comprises just about 78% of all renovations.

In Conclusion

Every single year Americans across the country will get involved in some form of home remodeling project. They will make changes to their kitchen, their bathroom, their bedroom, their basement, and possibly even some landscaping renovations where they add a patio or a pool to their backyard. For many homeowners across the country, they want to try and maximize their home so they can make changes on a consistent basis. Home remodeling projects are without a doubt more popular than ever before in the United States.

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