What’s Trending In The Paint Manufacturing Industry?

The paint manufacturing industry has seen many trends, and if you’re an interior painter or looking to hire one, there’s more to the paint market than searching for “cheap house paint near me” or the cheapest paint prices overall.

For instance, there are so many paint color varieties, and you may need to distinguish between Benjamin Moores paint colors, such as Berg paint color and Chantilly Lace paint color. Also, did you know that the paint manufacturing industry produces not only paints but various finishes, surface coating products, varnishes, lacquers, and stains. Therefore, painting is not just about the paint itself, as you will have to consider other factors, such as which ingredients are found in each product and whether they are eco-friendly.

As you can see, diving into the world of paints can be like going down a deep rabbit hole. However, getting familiar with trends in the manufacturing industry shouldn’t be too time-consuming and complicated. Fortunately, the article below breaks down the top important trends you need to know, which makes interior painting an easy thing to navigate for you.

The paint manufacturing industry offers decorative finishes for multiple products in different end-use markets. Different color paints influence different ventures, including accommodation and transportation. In 2017, Zillow’s Paint Colors Analysis found that homes with blue bathrooms sold for $5,400 more than expected. Survey Research Institute at Cornell University, on its part, found that 83% of travelers prefer choosing allergy-friendly rooms. Here’s what you should know about paints.

1. The Best Eco-Friendly Paint Providers for Your Home

Transforming your space into a sanctuary requires thoughtful decisions. As such, describing paint as eco-friendly means that it does not contain airborne chemicals. The emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) results in adverse health effects, including dizziness, respiratory impairment, and headaches. In this regard, selecting the best low voc paint is important.

The best eco friendly paint options are available by most vendors. The famous alternatives include BioShield, Clare Paint, ECOS Paint, and Earth Pigments. Clare Paint brings environmentally-friendly paint right to you. 100% of Clare Paints are zero-VOC, indicating that they are nontoxic. On the other hand, BioShield focuses on creating products from easily-renewable and natural resources, thus providing non toxic interior paint.

2. Tips for Selecting Appropriate Nursery Colors

Usually, choosing paint for the nursery is challenging. You should select the right color palette that you and your younger ones will embrace forever. Before climbing up a ladder with paint in the nursery room, you should first consider your canvas. Ask yourself whether your baby room is small or big. Does the room get natural light access, or it requires some brightening? With this, you will determine an appropriate non toxic interior paint for the nursery. For your baby’s sake, you should ensure that the chosen paint color is stimulating enough.

Besides, thinking about the different nursery themes influence paint color decisions. The most recognized nursery kids originate from storybooks, animals, and nature. Because animals are visually fun for children, you should consider painting in that direction.

The other most used hint in nursery painting includes color selection. Home Painters Toronto suggest four primary colors for nurseries. The chosen colors include pastel purples, green, pink, and gray. For them, green is often peaceful in babies’ rooms. Pastel purples are more calming when used as paints for nurseries.

3. What Are The Main Ingredients for Paint?

Paint contain three primary ingredients: binder, pigment, and solvent. The pigment hides paint properties. Additionally, it offers the texture and color of the paint. The binder is vital for holding every element of the paint together. Usually, the right non toxic interior paint can be oil paint or water-based paint. In this case, binders in oil paints are often linseed oil. Alternatively, binders in water base paints are primarily polyvinyl acetate. In almost all paints, water is often the solvent.

4. Tips to Use When Applying Varnish

When it comes to painting, individuals ask numerous questions such as do I need varnish? In major instances, you might require varnishing. Here are some recommendations for the procedure. First, you should ensure that your non toxic interior paint and floor paint are totally dry. After that, you should select a dust-free work area. If you are varnishing your floor, you should ensure that you apply the varnish at least in three coats rather than one thick coat. You should avoid hanging varnished paintings because they may stick.

5. A Consideration for People With Chemical Sensitivity

Individuals with chemical sensitivities find it difficult to get maintenance jobs done. Some paints, including certain non toxic interior paint, contain harsh chemicals that sensitive people cannot handle. Individuals with chemical sensitivity should worry no more because there is a solution for them.

Rather than using high-level VOC paintings, they should consider purchasing primers and coatings. The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association accredited that people with chemical sensitivities can utilize primers.

6. Why Choose Eco-Paints Over Conventional Paints?

You should understand that any non toxic interior paint should contain the appropriate levels of VOC. In the current era, paint manufacturers are required to comply with EU limits on VOC levels. With this, eco paints meet the specifications compared to various conventional paints. Multiple health complications arise if levels are surpassed. According to a report by CBC Marketplace, VOC levels over 500 ppb could cause problems for individuals with chemical sensitivities.

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