4 Tips for Increasing the ROI On Your Bathroom Remodel

Homeowners who remodel their bathrooms will usually be taking a risk. There are affordable and trustworthy bathroom remodeling contractors, but a full bathroom strip-out will still have high costs. Bath remodeling contractors can give you advice on how you should personally change your bathroom. An effective bathroom remodel project in one home might be either overly costly or too simple in another one.

If there are issues with your shower, contacting custom shower builders certainly makes sense. Home buyers won’t always expect there to be a bathtub in the primary bathroom of their new home. They’ll certainly want a shower that works well and looks clean, however, and it’s important to make your shower presentable for them. Shower stalls that have an outdated look to them might also seem off-putting to people who are used to displaying home bathrooms.

Changing the floor of a bathroom can similarly make it seem like it’s new, even when most of the fixtures and other bathroom features are largely unchanged. Dirty tiled floors will immediately age a bathroom, and they’re difficult to fully clean after a certain point. Updating the mirror might be unnecessary, but getting a new and shinier sink could be important.

Lately, homeowners are spending more time renovating their existing homes than purchasing a new one. A big reason for this is the active real estate market and a lack of inventory. Combined, these factors have created high home prices.

The main goal is to produce a high return on investment (ROI) on the changes they made. As a result, they focus on spaces that are frequently used. One of these is in the bathroom.

While some things can be done on your own, a bathroom remodeling company is generally required for tiling and replacement of plumbing materials. The average cost of new bathroom installation depends on a few factors.

Among these items is the average cost of 5×7 bathroom remodel, the average cost of remodeling a bathroom per square foot, and the average cost to finish a bathroom. Furthermore, you need to include the cost of fixtures, cabinetry, and the type of tile you use. If the right bathroom remodeling company is selected, the return on your initial costs is immense.

For help on this, here are 4 tips to increase the ROI on your bathroom remodel.

Updated 2/26/21

Having a quality bathroom increases the value of the home. Most homebuyers concentrate on the make and designs of a bathroom after the kitchen. Bathroom remodeling requires enough experience and the right materials to have a quality bathroom.

There are a lot of quality bathroom designs you can incorporate into your home. Bathrooms can be relaxing areas in any household. Having the best design is a dream for all homeowners. Here are some design ideas you can consider.

  • Use of a wallpaper
  • Adding a fireplace
  • Enough lightning
  • Use of a single color
  • Make it resemble a spa

The price of a shower remodel and installation can cost around $4,130. This is according to the national data. For economic options shower, remodels should cost $300 while the luxury remodels cost $15,000.

The national average cost of remodeling a small bathroom should be $6,500. Although, the prices will change depending on the quality and the materials used in designing. Complete remodel costs $70 per square foot, by the licensed contractors.

Remodeling a bathroom increases the home value by at least eighty percent. There are six main types of commercial roofing each with its type of material used. Bathroom remodels can take a lot of time due to the materials and expertise used.

Bathrooms are a crucial part of any home. Most homes actually have multiple bathrooms, and if you are lucky, you even have a master bathroom that is connected to your bedroom. Bathrooms are one of the most important features that new home buyers look for, just after kitchens. You can increase the value of your home and find increased relaxation and comfort with a bathroom remodel. What are some of the most important renovations to make to get the most return on investment? What bathroom designs will you and your family enjoy, while also attracting home buyers when it comes time to sell?

Bathroom size
Large bathrooms tend to return a large percentage of their investment. Smaller bathrooms are more difficult for large families and families with children to maneuver in. Although it may not always be possible to increase the size of a bathroom during a remodel, it is a great option if available. If there are awkward walls or unneeded storage or counter spaces throughout the bathroom, these can be removed to increase the foot space in the room. Working with a professional bathroom designer can be helpful in expanding the efficiency of the bathroom with the space you currently have.

Increase storage space
If you ask the majority of families what their current biggest struggle is in their household, many will say storage and space needs. Many households simply do not have enough storage for their current needs. Anytime you remodel a room in your house, attempt to increase the storage spaces. Not only will it help with your day to day routine, but it will also be more desirable to future buyers. When you create your bathroom design, look for places that storage can be added into with minimal work.

Choosing high efficiency bathroom cabinets is the best way to increase overall storage space. If you have an oddly shaped bathroom consider using kitchen cabinetry or custom bathroom designed cabinets for the best result. You will find that many of today?s cabinetry features are designed to increase space and to provide other benefits. Today?s cabinets include user friendly options such as full extension roll out shelves so you won?t scrape your knuckles as you reach for items buried deep in the back.

Replace all fixtures with modern accented ones
Replacing the fixtures in your bathroom design is perhaps, one of the cheapest bathroom remodeling steps. However, this simple step can drastically improve the overall look of your bathroom design. It can also tie in other parts of the bathroom remodel, including the paint, tiling, and floors. Replace the fixtures with something modern and water efficient. Modern designs can be water efficient and just as functional, if not more so, than the older style water wasting features. A small additional cost now can benefit both the environment and your water bill in the long run.

Install a durable bathroom vanity
What is the first thing you notice when you walk into a bathroom? The vanity tends to grab the attention. It is also one of the most used items in the bathroom, as it is used for both storage and getting ready. Because so much goes on your bathroom vanity, it is important to choose a material that is extremely durable. Your bathroom vanity design should tie in with the rest of the bathroom in terms of quality, but it should be of a high grade material. Future buyers will appreciate the long lasting countertop.

Bathroom remodels may seem pricey and time consuming at initial planning. However, because bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house, it is an important remodel for also increasing the resale value of your house. A mid range bathroom remodel is a solid investment, according to Remodeling Magazine?s annual cost Vs. Value Report. An average bathroom remodel of $16,128 will recoup about 72.5% of those costs when it is time to sell your home. Focus on making valuable changes and always keep the resale value in mind.


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