Sell Your House Faster Make Home Additions

Have you been thinking about an addition to your house? What are the reasons behind additional rooms in a house? How should you go about choosing home addition contractors? Where can you get home addition blueprints?

Expansion of your house is a necessary process that needs quality services. The home addition services sector is growing daily with different investors getting into the business. There are many home addition contractors to choose from.

Where can you get a list of home addition contractors in your local area? It might be easier to add extra bedroom to house as online platforms make it easy to find information.

On the home addition company sites, you will get the location and contact information of the companies near you. Luckily, you can now find good home addition contractors at your convenience and comfort.

Business sites have now feature reviews where customers give feedback on the services received. This makes it easy to find reputable home addition companies and contractors. Choose contractors that have been in the field for an extended period. The more experience they have, the better the home addition services will be.

Custom home

If you’re considering putting your home on the market, you may want to consider home additions to boost your resale value. As a general rule, buyers want a larger house than the one they currently own (although younger and elderly buyers may be looking to downsize, so if you already have a smaller home, don’t fret!). On average, they’re looking for a house that has a median of 2,226 square feet–17% bigger than their current home, which is usually about 1,906 feet. These home additions can range from extensive remodeling additions (like kitchen remodeling) to simpler changes, like just some good quality home improvement–replacing doors or windows, for example.
Where Should I Focus?
The Kitchen
The kitchen is definitely the first place to start looking at an upgrade. A new kitchen design can do wonders for your home. Additionally, even smaller or medium range kitchen improvement projects have an average return on investment of about 81%. Kitchens tend to be the center of the home–everyone congregates in the kitchen during parties or meal prep–so it’s important that your kitchen be in tip top shape. About 84% of homeowners find elements like walk-in pantries, table space for dining, and a double sink essential and/or desirable for their home. Implementing good storage space into your kitchen and plentiful counter space can be another positive sell.
The Bathroom
People can also be picky about their bathrooms. Bathroom improvement through remodeling, a fresh coat of paint, or new appliances can make a world of difference. A bathroom that looks dirty or dingy, with bad lighting, can be a huge turn-off for prospective buyers. Even if it’s a small bathroom, having it look bright and cheerful with clever storage can make a buyer think it’s larger than it is. For a three or four person home, two full bathrooms are usually desired. According to a study, 81% of homeowners want to have a full bath on the main floor of their home and 45% thought it was a necessity. (First floor full baths are especially good for elderly people, anyone with a disability, and of course, for any guests who visit.)
Other home additions you could make include remodeling your basement into a full or partial basement that can be used for storage space, an extra level of the house, or a den/game room for the children. A good basement can also be converted into a work space for the adults of the house, as well as house washing machines, sporting equipment, or tools.
Considering making home additions, especially to key areas of your home like the kitchen and bathrooms are a great way to ensure a buyer falls in love with your home immediately. It’ll also make sure you get more money for your home than you were expecting. Investing in your home now can make a huge difference later.

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