3 Reasons To Invest in an Interactive Home Security System

Interactive home security system

Home security is an issue of vital importance in modern America, and many organizations take the time to perform studies of rates and trends. Unfortunately for Chattanooga, the studies don’t show reassuring things. For example, in 2013, crime rates in every area examined were more than double the national average, yet the ratio of police officers to citizens was also lower than average. With those stats to examine, most people start considering security systems, or at least they should. It’s a good time to look at the issue too, what with new technology allowing companies to offer interactive home security, and with the levels of crime in Chattanooga, interactive might be the best option. Here are 3 reasons to choose an interactive home security system.

  1. Convenience: What good is a security system if its too much of a hassle to use? Not a danger here, you do everything with your phone, including arming and disarming the system. Better than unlocking the front door and racing to the keypad to beat the siren going off. If you end up tripping and hitting the code late you might end up explaining to the police that it really is your house.
  2. Remote Home Monitoring: If you were informed every time someone entered your house during the day, and were able to verify who it was by video, would that make you feel safer? Of course it would. A basic system will alert the police if someone came in without the code, but sometimes the most dangerous people can be those we used to trust. If you forgot to change the code, that person could come in and do whatever they wanted, a chilling thought.
  3. Extra features to keep you safer at home: The end of the day can be chaotic and overwhelming, what with people coming into the house, pets being let out of the house, groceries being unloaded, trash going out…when all is said and done, have you ever forgotten to close the garage? Everyone makes mistakes, and this one could be costly. However, with an interactive home security system, its a mistake soon corrected when you receive a reminder about that forgotten door.
  4. No one should feel unsafe in their home, but with crime in Chattanooga being as it is, its hard to feel anything but. Home security systems can help, but investing in an interactive home security system makes that an issue of the past. With something like that installed, there’s no reason to worry.

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