How to Know When it’s Time to Call an Electrician

Electrical repairs

Electrical systems need regular checks and upgrades to make sure that they are safe, up to code and in good working condition for the residents. Newer homes are equipped with new codes that make the homes even after than before but older homes have to work to keep up with the new safety demands. Often times, in new or old homes, we face electrical problems but instead of leaving it to the professionals, we hope to fix the problem ourselves. So if you are wondering when to call an electrician, let me give you a few great examples to get you thinking about reasons to use a professional electrician.

  1. An outage; whether it is the breaker tripping or a blown fuse, if your power puts you in the dark this is when to call an electrician. If your circuit is over working itself, it can be dangerous.

  2. If your lights are flickering this is another reason. Pay attention when the heater or AC comes on, or you turn on the microwave, if the lights dim, there may be a problem in the wiring or perhaps there is too much current being drawn on a small circuit.

  3. Don’t settle for using a million extension cords all over your house. Call an electrician and have them install more outlets. Not only will it make your life easier and your house look better, not enough outlets can be a safety hazard to you and your family.

  4. If your home is older, you may have outlets that have only two prongs. That third prong at the bottom that you often see if a grounding component and if your house doesn’t have those, there is a possibly that your writing system is not entirely grounded which is very unsafe.

  5. Make sure that your outlets or switches do not warm up when they are on and there is no blackening near plates. If you have aluminum wiring, which is possible if these are symptoms, it will need to be checked on a regular basis.

  6. Seeing rust is a very good sign of when to call an electrician. It will normally start under the home’s service panel and it means something is wrong. There should never be rust here because it could indicate more problems and possible rusting throughout the entire electrical system.

  7. Homes should be upgraded at the most, every 25 years. Find out when your home was last updated or else you may be living with a hazardous system.

Electrical repairs are never a thing that we should try and fix ourselves. Calling in a professional is always the first step during an electrical issue. You can usually get a quote from an electrician before officially hiring services so that you are prepared for the cost.

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