Foundation Repair What You Need To Know

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Finding a crack in your foundation that requires some form of foundation repair can be disheartening, but the need to address such cracks sooner rather than later is very real. A crack may be nothing, but it could also be a disaster, causing a house to shift or even fall depending on the severity of the crack. Knowing what type of crack you have and whether you need to address it is vital and can save you not only money, but also heartache later.

As a rule of thumb, all cracks that are at least a quarter of an inch wide or any stair step cracks — cracks that look like stairs in a pattern — in blocks or bricks need to be repaired as a matte of urgency. Such cracks can point to serious structural issues that can result in disastrous damage to your home. In such cases repairing cracked foundation is non-negotiable.

Plants can cause damage to foundations and as such, should be planted at least two feet away from the foundation. In addition, they should be put low in the soil in an effort to prevent them from driving water towards your foundation. Water damage is also a cause of foundation damage, whether from ground water seeping up or surface water causing problems of its own.

Damp or wet basements are a clear sign of water problems that can result in foundation cracks or damage and basement water leaks should be addressed immediately to prevent longer-term damage. Of all insurance loss claims in the United States in 2013, water damage was the cause of over a quarter of claims. The reality is that water damage will impact almost all homes (98%) at some point. Basement waterproofing can help to minimize damage or prevent water entering the foundation at all and prevent the need for further foundation repair.

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