Three Types of Tools for Rent You May Not Have Known About Before

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Completing a construction job isn’t always easy: tools can break down, and you may even have to send a piece out for heavy equipment repair, which can take a long time depending on the issue. As a result, work can slow down and delays can anger your clients. However, there are ways to complete the work with as little interruption as possible: using power equipment rental for tools, construction equipment, and more.

The best equipment rental companies will have a wide selection of items that you can rent for a day, a week, or any other duration. You may even be surprised by the types of tools for rent that are available. Here are just three different kinds of tools you might find with your local construction equipment rental service:

  • Lift Equipment Rentals: You never know when you might need lift equipment for your job. If you’re working one or two stories up, for instance, you may require a scissor lift or other type of aerial lift. Jobs where large amounts of stone or other heavy objects need to be moved may also benefit from forklifts in both indoor and outdoor environments. Lift equipment also includes aluminum scaffolding, which is both automated today for ease of use.
  • Concrete Tool Rentals: Concrete can be difficult to break up, which means that you’ll need the right equipment for that job. Concrete tool rentals can include everything from jackhammers to certain types of compaction equipment. Concrete tool rentals are useful for mixing and pouring concrete, as well, so you can also build or repair parts of your structure.
  • Large Equipment Rentals: Most equipment rental companies also offer larger items for construction zones. From Bobcats to cranes, just about anything can be rented these days. One of the advantages of renting this equipment is that it can be delivered to a job site and picked up once your finished, which makes the whole process easy.

Have more questions about what you can rent from your tool rental service? Leave a comment below, or find a company in your area that offers plenty of great construction tool options.

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