How to Weather the Storm of Hurricane Season Before it Even Starts

Hurricane impact windows cape coral

Oceanside and ocean view real estate comes with a hefty price tag that many feel is worth it due to beach access and beautiful ocean views, however, living so close to the ocean comes with a steeper price: hurricanes.

Hurricanes are powerful storm system that form over the ocean and make their way inward towards land. While hurricanes lose some of their power upon meeting land, they are no less destructive. In fact, hurricanes are considered one of the most devastating natural disasters known to man, and can claim more damage and claim more lives than earthquakes. For example, the city of New Orleans is still grappling with after effects of Hurricane Katrina — ranked among the top five deadliest storms in U.S. history — nearly a decade later.

With spring and summer weather comes hurricane season, which runs until late October and typically peaks towards the end of summer. While summer may seem like its far away, hurricanes can form at any time, which makes now the perfect time to get started on your hurricane home preparations.

If you’re wondering how to prepare for hurricanes, the answer is fairly simple; start early and stay organized. Before hurricane season is in full swing, it’s a good idea to create a hurricane preparedness guide. This guide should describe in detail what your family should do in the event of a hurricane, such as designated meeting places in the home or the names of local shelters in the event you evacuate. Be sure to review this information frequently with your family, especially young children.

An important part of learning how to prepare for hurricanes is stocking up on household essentials such as non-perishable food items and canned food, a generous supply of water for cooking, drinking, and cleaning, and other must-haves such as flashlights, batteries, matches, and more.

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