The Calm Before the Storm Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Begin Hurricane Home Preparation

Preparation for hurricanes

It may be hard to believe, but spring is almost here, and shortly after that comes summer. While the prospect of more sunshine and higher temperatures is an exciting one, the final months of summer are also hurricane season. With that being said, are you properly prepared?

Hurricanes are considered one of the most deadly natural disasters known to man, causing billions of dollars worth of damage and claiming many lives. For example, even though Louisiana’s infamous Hurricane Katrina touched down in New Orleans nearly a decade ago, the city as well as the surrounding region, are still grappling with the after effects.

Preparing for hurricanes is all about getting a head start. Why wait for the appointed time and race against the clock while chaos ensues when you can being preparing your home for a hurricane n advanced? Not only will preparing for hurricanes in advance save you time, it may very well save the lives of you and your family and loved ones.

You can begin preparation for hurricanes by creating a family hurricane preparedness guide or plan. Consider this guide your family’s hurricane Bible or playbook. It should contain valuable information such as what your family should do in the event a hurricane lands in your area as well as the contact information of family, close friends, as well as nearby shelters. This plan should be periodically reviewed, especially with younger children.

Winter is also the perfect time to begin stocking up on hurricane essentials such as non-perishable food items, water, batteries, and more. Be sure to keep a lookout for coupons and in-store specials, especially during the winter holiday season. So while you’re doing your Thanksgiving or Christmas shopping, why not throw a few more cans in and keep them in your hurricane safe room, such as a basement, for good measure.

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