Four Warning Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repairs

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After your home furnace installation, you will likely have to roll up your sleeves to conduct some basic maintenance on this piece of equipment at some point or another. Typically no more serious than relighting the pilot light, these tasks can either be annoying or gratifying; after all, your ability to perform basic HVAC repairs and maintenance without contacting your heating and air conditioner service is a sign that you can handle yourself and your home when problems arise. However, in some situations, you might actually need a professional to perform some home furnace repairs to prevent serious consequences. Keep an eye out for these warning signs and call a heating and air conditioner repair service if they arise.

Are Your Heating and Gas Bills Increasing?
While some increases are explainable, a steady rise in costs could signify that your furnace is broken or becoming less efficient with age. A professional will need to examine the furnace to be sure, and may be able to perform effective home furnace repairs to fix this problem, but in some cases, you may want to simply pay for a new HVAC installation. With the high costs of heat and gas, this could be cheaper in the long-run.

Is Your Burner Flame Yellow Instead of Blue?
This can be a sign that your furnace is creating carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas. Other possible signs include streaks of soot around your furnace, excess moisture on your walls and windows, excessive rust on your flue pipes and pipe connections, and more. Your family may also develop headaches, a burning sensation in the eyes or nose, nausea, disorientation or flu-like symptoms. If you notice these signs, leave your house immediately and call for help.

Is Your Furnace Making Strange Noises?
Furnaces often begin to make strange sounds as they age, such as banging, popping, rattling and squealing sounds. Unfortunately, this can signify that the furnace is reaching the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

Is Your House Dry or Dusty
Unlike newer models, old furnaces are often unable to moisturize and cleanse the air in a house, making homes feel stuffy or stale. This can cause dry throat and dry skin, rapid dust accumulation, static shocks, drooping plants, cracking furniture and instruments unable to stay in tune. To make matters worse, it can exacerbate allergies, asthma and other conditions, meaning you should call for home furnace repairs as soon as possible.

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