How to Ensure Your Sewer System is Healthy in Three Easy Steps

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Anyone in the process of buying a new home or who has just moved into one knows how lengthy the list of things to do is. There are a number of systems in the home that need to be checked on to ensure that everything is in good working order and won’t cause any problems in the future. One of the most important systems in any home is the sewer system, which should be checked out and well-cared for to avoid back up and failure. Here is a short checklist of essential things to do for your new home’s sewer system.

1. Inspection
Experts recommend that you do a full visual inspection of the sewer lines before even buying the home, but doing it later is better than never — especially if you aren’t sure how old the sewer system is. Calling a sewer line repair and replacement company is essential for this since they are experts and have the proper equipment (like cameras) to do a full inspection of the sewer system.

2. Cleaning and Repairng>
When you’ve one the inspection, you need to address any issues that were unveiled as soon as possible. Compromised sewer lines don’t get any better and can deteriorate quicker than you might think, so if the sewer lines need cleaning to clear blockages or build ups, do it. Replacing sewer lines is also important if they are cracked or broken. Pipe bursting is a method of trenchless sewer line replacement if you find that there are structures in the way of a repair.

3. Proper Maintenance
Once you’ve done an inspection and ensured that all is well with your sewer system, it’s essential to take proper care of the system to avoid needing sewer line repair and replacement later on. Never flush bulky items down the toilet, and never dump grease or other food stuffs down the drain. Additionally, make sure that no plant life grows near your sewer lines, since roots can severely damage them.

Do you have any other sewer maintenance or repair tips? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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