How to Properly Decorate Your Yard This Summer

Retaining walls ideas

According to IBIS World research, the landscaping industry in the United States is worth approximately $73 billion in revenue. Hardscaping, for example, is a common type of landscaping because it involves constructing and maintaining a variety of outdoor structures. There are several types of hardscapes available, and each one will do its part to beautify your yard.

– Custom patio covers. It is common to construct these types of shelters for your patio. In fact, the patio and deck construction industry in the United States is worth $31 billion in annual revenue, and a significant portion of this value comes from the construction of custom patio covers. Essentially, backyard patio covers are roofs that go over your patio, and they are designed to help protect your patio from the elements, such as sunlight and rain. Since these types of covers can easily turn your patio into a decorated outdoor feature that is perfect for entertaining guests, your backyard will benefit greatly by having one.

– Retaining walls. These types of structures are designed to restrain soil to irregular slopes. The primary function of landscape retaining walls is to keep soil in place, and this helps prevent sinkholes, flooding, and erosion from occurring. However, it takes nearly 12 hours of intense labor to construct a solid, durable retaining wall, so it is important to seek professional help when you want one built. Fortunately, most garden retaining walls only cost between $1500-$2500 to construct, which makes this a relatively affordable way to keep your yard in good shape.

Hardscaping is an effective way to decorate your yard, and there are several types of these outdoor structures to choose from. Custom patio covers and retaining walls, for example, are both beneficial in their own ways. By obtaining these types of hardscapes, your yard will get the aesthetic and functional upgrade it needs. Find more on this here:

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