Including Exterior Storm Shutters in Your Home Hurricane Preparations

Aluminum storm shutters

Hurricane season is on its way and I always find the names the World Meteorological Organization select for hurricanes amusing, because how can something named Agnes be threatening? But in the case of Agnes, preparing for a hurricane was necessary. With five hurricanes impacting the coastline of the United States every year, especially in the months of August and September, many people ask how to get ready for a hurricane. While there are many recommendations on any disaster preparedness list you may find, exterior storm shutters are one addition to your home that you may not consider at first.

Preparation for a hurricane is not just making sure you have emergency supplies of food, water, batteries and candles. When you consider that a hurricane can produce 2.4 trillion gallons of rain and storm surges 20 feet high and 100 mile wide, using exterior storm shutters on windows adds another layer of protection to your home. Exterior storm shutters are fit to your existing windows and can be left open for most of the season. When a hurricane threatens, the exterior storm shutters are secured over your windows to protect your home from the hurricane winds that have reached 110 miles per hour in past storms impacting the United States coastline.

When you are considering a hurricane preparedness plan for your home
, make sure you look into exterior storm shutters. With different styles and materials available, exterior storm shutters for windows not only provide hurricane storm protection; they can also add a design element to your home. When a hurricane strikes you will be ready and so will your home.
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