• Stainless Steel Flange Bolts

    Hardened steel bolts

    What are stainless steel flange bolts. Well stainless steel flange bolts are bolts that have a fillet as part of the bolt head. This bolt can be identified by the ridge of the bolt head. There is a built-in washer located under the head of the bolt, which acts to distribute the clamping load over a larger area. Stainless steel flange bolts are designed to provide the same holding power as a washer. It can be found in a hex bolt head and hex head serrated styles. Most popular bolt heads are tap bolts, square head bolts, heavy hex bolt, #3 head plow bolts, and #7 head bucket tooth bolt Continue Reading

  • How to Search for a Home

    Real estate search

    When most people think of buying a home, they think of the house itself — how many storeys, the color of the siding, the layout of the rooms, etc. But the physical appearance of your house, varied and multifaceted though it may be, is just one aspect of the home-buying experience. Never forget the old real estate adage: “Location, location, location.” Because it applies to buying as well as selling.

    In fact, the appearance, design, and even layout of your house can all be changed with varying degrees of ease. But your location is far more difficult to change (if it can be changed at all). With that in mind, it makes more sense, from a house-hunting perspective, to begin with the location, and then find a house that works.

    Some people have preferences that are easily aligned, loca Continue Reading

  • Three Reasons to Move to Virginia

    Homes for sale norfolk virginia

    Do you need a change of scenery? Do you find yourself searching “beach homes for sale” as you sit at your desk at work, surrounded by four walls, or maybe one window that looks out into a parking lot if you’re lucky? Maybe you’re planning on starting a family and are searching through real estate listings for the best place to do so. Whatever reason has you looking to buy a new home in a new location, there is one place that has everything you need: Virginia. With its rich history, amazing beaches, great schools and plenty of room for job growth, you need look no further. Virginia truly has it all. In case you’re still unsure, here are three reasons you should consid Continue Reading

  • Why Buy a Home When You Can Build?

    Custom homes edmond ok

    Research shows that in the wake of the housing crisis, people looking for new homes are turning to custom home builders instead of renting or buying an existing home. For example, in the city of Edmond, Oklahoma, an estimated 64.66% of the homes are owned. Interestingly, even as Edmond has begun experiencing a job growth rate of 1.36%, people have consistently chosen building a new home over buying one. And with a projected job growth rate of 39.7% over the next 10 years, it can be expected that this trend will continue.

    However, whether you’re planning to live in Edmond, OK or elsewhere, building a new home offers a number of advantages over buying an existing home. While purchasing an existing home means you may obtain low quality features and appliances that will likely need to be replaced in th Continue Reading

  • The Weirdest Things That Started Fires

    Fire alarm monitoring tampa

    Fires in your home can double in size in as little as 10 minutes! With that bit of sobering information in mind, you may want to carefully consider some of the most popular causes of household fires — or even some of the most unlikely. What are some of the top, unexpected ways that people’s homes went up in flames?

    The Pigeon Who Started A Fire

    Smokers should think twice about idly putting out cigarettes — and failing to double-check whether they are still somewhat or fully lit. One pigeon in London picked up a discarded cigarette, still lit, and dropped it in a chimney. The chimney was blocked up and disused (at least by humans). There were several birds’ nests in the old chimney. One of them caught fire, and the entire home went up in a blaze.

    Continue Reading

  • Two Ways to Properly Maintain Your Septic System

    Septic system installation

    Did you know that it costs more than $1700 to repair a broken septic tank? This means that in order to avoid costly septic system problems, you must properly maintain your tank. In fact, the main difference between septic and sewer is that with septic, you must be more careful about your flushing and disposal habits. Fortunately, there are two main ways to preserve your septic system, and both will help you avoid expensive repairs.

    - Be more conscientious. Considering that the main difference between septic and sewer is that you must be more careful with septic, there are a few tips you must follow. For instance, keeping all trees and tree roots at least 100 feet away from your septic tank will prevent your tank from being punctured, and avoiding heavy duty cleaning supplies will keep the helpfu Continue Reading

  • Are You To The Only One To Blame For Your Severe Allergy Symptoms?

    Hvac repair service

    Are you making your seasonal allergies even worse? Without even knowing it, you may be exacerbating your allergies and allergy symptoms. Here are some things you may want to think twice about, especially if you suffer from the worst of spring, summer, and/or fall allergies.

    The Words “Pollen Count” Mean Nothing To You

    The pollen count is freely available in a lot of different places, and — if you are allergic to pollen — you should carefully be taking note of it. Consumers can easily check the pollen count on pollen.com. The pollen count may also be available on television broadcasts or detailed on hourly weather forecasts online. Once you’ve done that, plan outdoor activities — such as your daily jog — accordingly.

    You Let Things Get A Little Out O Continue Reading

  • Tips and Tricks for Pressure Washing Your Home

    Window cleaning st louis

    Pressure washing can be a quick and efficient way to make the exterior of your house sparkle, but only if you do it right. Smaller jobs like residential window cleaning and deck restoration may make your pressure washer seem like a magic eraser, but cleaning your house can be a different story.

    Electric pressure washers often don’t have enough power to clean houses that aren’t small and fairly clean already. If you still see dirt and mildew after a pressure wash, the job you’re taking on might be too big for your pressure washer to handle. Electric pressure washers will cut it for car, patio and window cleaning, but they can only operate at about 2,400-6,200 cleaning units (water pressure x flow rate), while professional units can get up to 16,000, making them much more effective.

    Paying Continue Reading

  • Winter’s on Its Way Is Your Heater Ready?

    Air duct sealing milford

    Summer may be in full swing, and the last thing you want to even think about is your heater. But, as Ned Stark was fond of grumbling, “Winter is coming. And only the most efficient home heating systems will survive.” (Okay, he didn’t actually say that second part.) Here are a few key points to keep in mind as you begrudgingly look ahead to the cold.

    Check Your Ducts. First things first. You need to make sure your ducts, seals, and insulation are all in good shape. Like a game of Red Rover, home heating systems are only as efficient as their weakest points, and if there is a weak point, the warm air will find it and bleed through. Have an inspection done to determine where the leaks might be, so you can start with a closed, tight system, before you you eve Continue Reading

  • Two Important Reasons to Give Your Home a New Floor

    Tile flooring

    Did you know that 42% of American homeowners plan on beginning a home improvement project this year? In addition, more than half of all homeowners intend to install hardwood flooring in their homes at some point. This is because there are several benefits of installing a new floor, as this is a great way to give your house a modern upgrade.

    - Cost-effective. Believe it or not, it is actually an economical decision to invest in a new floor. For example, even though it costs an average of $5,800 to add wooden flooring to a home, this will increase the value of your house by approximately 7%. In addition, by adding this type of flooring to your home, homebuyers will be more likely to spend an extra $2,000 on your house when it comes time to put it up for sale. Fortunately, because all types of flooring will deli Continue Reading

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