The Weirdest Things That Started Fires

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Fires in your home can double in size in as little as 10 minutes! With that bit of sobering information in mind, you may want to carefully consider some of the most popular causes of household fires — or even some of the most unlikely. What are some of the top, unexpected ways that people’s homes went up in flames?

The Pigeon Who Started A Fire

Smokers should think twice about idly putting out cigarettes — and failing to double-check whether they are still somewhat or fully lit. One pigeon in London picked up a discarded cigarette, still lit, and dropped it in a chimney. The chimney was blocked up and disused (at least by humans). There were several birds’ nests in the old chimney. One of them caught fire, and the entire home went up in a blaze.

Catching Fire: Toilet Paper Is Notorious For Starting Residential Fires

Fire extinguishers and fire alarm system components are pretty critical, especially given that homeowners start fires for some pretty dumb reasons. One man inadvertently challenged the effectiveness of fire alarm monitoring services when he decided to use a toilet paper roll as a makeshift candle holder and then leave it unattended (…really!). I bet you can get how that story ended. Another not-so-intelligent homeowner started a fire when they tried to dry out toilet paper that had fallen into the toilet using the microwave.

Can You Really Trust Your Pets?

“Other weird fire-starters include family pets … one being a dog that hit the controls of a toaster with its paws as it leap onto a worktop in search of food. (The dog survived),” according to The London Brigade.

Fire alarms, fire alarm system components, and even automatic fire suppression system are definitely necessary — and sometimes for reasons other than you might think. Apparently, toilet paper and even partially lit cigarettes left on the streets can be a very real danger.

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