Are You To The Only One To Blame For Your Severe Allergy Symptoms?

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Are you making your seasonal allergies even worse? Without even knowing it, you may be exacerbating your allergies and allergy symptoms. Here are some things you may want to think twice about, especially if you suffer from the worst of spring, summer, and/or fall allergies.

The Words “Pollen Count” Mean Nothing To You

The pollen count is freely available in a lot of different places, and — if you are allergic to pollen — you should carefully be taking note of it. Consumers can easily check the pollen count on The pollen count may also be available on television broadcasts or detailed on hourly weather forecasts online. Once you’ve done that, plan outdoor activities — such as your daily jog — accordingly.

You Let Things Get A Little Out Of Hand Around The House

A cluttered house will not do your allergies any favors. Allergens can easily get trapped in carpets, laundry, or even on your children’s stuffed toys. Make dusting and vacuuming a priority if you have allergies, and choose vinyl or hard plastic toys for your kids to help keep allergies at bay.

You Haven’t Changed Your Air Conditioner Filter In Years

Finally, believe it or not, heating and air units or heating and air conditioning parts may actually be exacerbating your symptoms. With regular maintenance and cleaning, air conditioners or central air systems will actually filter allergens out of your home and out of the air. A broken or leaky air conditioner, however, will make symptoms worse, run at low efficiency, and even jack up your heating and cooling bills. Contact HVAC repair services or heating and air conditioning companies to clean your units at least once a year and help you change your filter if you need some additional assistance.

Don’t just let your allergy symptoms go crazy. There is a better way. Check the pollen count, keep your home almost obsessively clean, and contact heating and air conditioning companies to keep your unit in tip-top shape. Get more on this here:

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