Three Reasons to Move to Virginia

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Do you need a change of scenery? Do you find yourself searching “beach homes for sale” as you sit at your desk at work, surrounded by four walls, or maybe one window that looks out into a parking lot if you’re lucky? Maybe you’re planning on starting a family and are searching through real estate listings for the best place to do so. Whatever reason has you looking to buy a new home in a new location, there is one place that has everything you need: Virginia. With its rich history, amazing beaches, great schools and plenty of room for job growth, you need look no further. Virginia truly has it all. In case you’re still unsure, here are three reasons you should consider making the move.

  1. Beaches, beaches, beaches! – Who doesn’t love the beach? Located on the coast of the Atlantic, Virginia offers a variety of great locations to enjoy its gorgeous beaches. From Virginia Beach to Chesapeake Bay, you’re bound to find your perfect getaway spot.
  2. Great for the Kids – Virginia is one of the top states when it come to schooling. It came in at number four in the nation for grades K to 12 in 2012. Not only is Virginia top notch when it comes to education, but it is also rated the healthiest of the South Atlantic states for children, according to a 2012 Kid’s Count report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.
  3. Bring Home the Dough – Whether you are just out of college and looking to start your career, or you’re an established professional continuing your success story, Virginia is the place for you. Rated “the best state to make a living” by, Virginia is a great place to start or continue a career and support a family.

Have you packed your bags yet? If you were skeptical before, hopefully you are now excited about the prospect of relocating to the beautiful state of Virgina! There are plenty of real estate agents with helpful tips for new home buyers and seasoned home buyers alike, ready and eager to help you sort through various real estate listings until you find your perfect home. So don’t put it off any longer–Virginia is waiting for you! Helpful sites:

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