Building a Pole Barn? Top Planning Tips for Your Dream Space

Pole barns are versatile structures perfect for workshops, storage, or even studios. But before you contact a pole barn builder, some planning can ensure your dream space meets your needs and looks fantastic. Here are five key tips:

1. Up, Not Out: Maximize Vertical Space

While it’s tempting to prioritize square footage, consider building taller instead of wider. Lofts are perfect for storing seasonal items or infrequently used equipment, freeing up valuable floor space.

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Plus, a pole barn builder can likely add extra height for less cost than adding a shed later.

2. Think Ahead: Plan for Future Expansion

If you envision needing more space in the future, discuss potential expansion plans with your pole barn builder during the initial consultation. They can advise on the most logical direction for adding on and ensure the placement of the building doesn’t create future obstacles.

3. Befriend, Not Battle, Your Trees

Trees can provide welcome shade for your pole barn. However, consider if their mature size might pose a threat, with branches potentially damaging the structure. If necessary, factor in tree removal when discussing the placement of your pole barn with the builder.

4. Boost Curb Appeal with Architectural Touches

While functionality is key, don’t forget aesthetics! Adding eve overhangs creates a polished look and provides some shade around the base of the building. A cupola, a small decorative dome or tower on the roof, adds a touch of classic barn style. Discuss these options with your pole barn builder to find styles that complement your property.

5. Two or Three Colors are a Charm

A single-color pole barn can look bland. Consider incorporating two or three colors to create visual interest. Talk to your pole barn builder about using a main color for the walls, a contrasting color for the trims or doors, and potentially a third color for the roof for a truly customized look.

By following these tips, you can collaborate with your pole barn builder to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that perfectly suits your needs and budget.


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