Remodeling Tips for the Top 3 Most Popular Rooms in the House

When planning on remodeling your house, there are three main rooms that promise to give you the best increase of value and have a massive impact. These are the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room. Each of these rooms also has a number of remodels that can be done to them. With a good plan and the help of a few other tips, you may have an easy time getting these projects done and successfully giving your home a brand-new look and feel. Here are the main tips that you need to keep in mind so that you can do the best job and benefit your home and family immensely.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the best spaces to remodel in any house, and there are also many possible updates that can be made at any given point in time. That said, the first tip that you can use while remodeling the kitchen is to consider adding open shelves as opposed to cabinets if you want to increase storage. Open shelves are a lot easier to install than custom cabinets, and they’re also more affordable while offering a good increase in value. Because they don’t take up as much room as cabinets do, you can also add as many of them as you like. They’re not going to cramp your kitchen and take up more room than you have to spare, and you can customize them by choosing the color and material that you’d like.

Another tip that could help you remodel the kitchen successfully is to set a budget and pick one or two items to splurge on. One of the best considerations in this case is to install a new countertop. The countertop is normally at eye level so it needs to be kept in good shape, which will generally keep the kitchen appealing and help with an increase in value. Do some research to find out the options that are available to you in terms of trends and affordability. Keep in mind that for a countertop upgrade, local kitchen remodelers will generally advise you to go for granite, quartz, or marble, as these can work with various themes, designs, and color schemes.

You can also get an increase of value to your kitchen by getting the space professionally cleaned. The right experts are going to help you get rid of dirt and grime that could have accumulated in spots that are hard to reach. You can also get your kitchen appliances cleaned when you hire a hood cleaning service or other specific appliance-cleaning service in your area. With a clean kitchen, you might realize that there’s not much else that you need to do to enjoy an increase in value. Your kitchen is also going to be easier for you to organize and decorate if it’s clean and you don’t have to side-step various stains and other cosmetic issues.

Another tip to help you make your kitchen an impressive new space is to choose the right lighting for it. To do this, you can actually install different kinds of lights, one of which is task lighting to illuminate surfaces. This should be bright as it will typically be used above surfaces like the counters and other food-prep areas. You can also install mood lighting to be used in general for the entire kitchen. Don’t forget to leverage decorative but practical light fixtures in this space to improve the appearance of the kitchen in general as well.

2. Bathroom

The second space for which you’ll need to make proper plans is your bathroom. Bathroom contractors in your area can let you know the specific remodels to do if you want to get an increase of value in your home. These projects are those that can improve both the function and appearance of your bathroom, making it more modern and appealing, and even spacious if possible. On this note, adding cabinets and shelves for storage is a great call to make. Just remember to choose materials that won’t be weathered adversely by the excessive moisture and humidity that’s generally present in the bathroom.

Another renovation in this space that’s going to guarantee you an increase in value is countertop installation. The tip that you should keep in mind for this is that you can get marble countertops installed so that you update the look and feel of your bathroom. This material will last for a long time and give you amazing service as it will be easy to clean and can withstand being in a wet environment for a long time. You should learn about the maintenance and cleaning that these surfaces typically need so that you’re ready to take the best care of them. Talk to professionals to see if you can source it affordably and also have them install it properly and keep it safe from damage, giving you maximum value for your money.

Another remodel that a good bathroom renovation contractor is going to tell you to think about making to get an increase of value is to improve energy and water efficiency. These projects will help you save on your home’s water usage and keep your home sustainable. From the showers and faucets and the toilets themselves, there are many elements that you can update. To ensure that you’re not losing any water without knowing it, you should also call a plumber and ask them to do a thorough inspection of the plumbing. If they find any leaks or other issues, they need to fix them as soon as they possibly can, and with the best parts.

If you have the space and can spare the budget, you could even change the entire layout of your bathroom. To do this, you’re going to need to work with professionals who can read the floor plan accurately, find the necessary plumbing and electrical lines, and help you plan around these. As a result, you can avoid damaging elements that will cause a lot of risk and loss to you, forcing you to work on other things that you may not have had plans to work on. When you change the layout, you can install a bathtub and get other elements for your bathroom that can make it more comfortable for you and your family. Choose well to make sure that you get only those additions that will pay well for themselves and have a positive impact on your bathroom and the entire house in general.

3. Living Room

To get an increase of value to your home, another great space to think about remodeling is the living room. If you entertain a lot or you have a large family, this is a project that can ensure that you have an easy time whenever you’re at home. One remodel that you should think about doing in this space is updating the windows. If your home still has drafty, single-pane windows that came with your home, these may be costing you a tidy sum in terms of energy. This is because these windows cause air leaks that are sure to force you to crank up your air conditioner so that you keep your interior comfortable, something that installing newer windows is sure to fix.

Another tip to think about so that you can enjoy an increase of value with your living room remodel is to aim to stay within a given color scheme and overall theme. To this end, make sure that everything in this space, from the color of the walls to the window treatments that you get and beyond, all complement each other. That said, if you have a hardwood floor, for instance, you may want to install wood shutters whose color and texture complement the flooring that you have. Whatever kind of floor you have in your living room, you can find the best window treatments by shopping with different blinds companies so that you find what suits your home best.

Another tip to help you enjoy an increase of value with a living room remodel is to think about improving accessibility. This may be a matter of installing ramps whenever there are steps, and making sure that there aren’t any obstacles along the corridors. This should ensure that everyone has an easy time making their way around the house even if they have mobility issues. Light up the corridors as well and install knobs that are friendly for people with issues like arthritis. Once your living room is more accessible, you can move to the rest of your house and make your entire home more accessible over time.

For this space to turn out better after a remodel, take special consideration of scale and proportion so that you come up with the best setup. For example, you could leave a given portion of floor space bare for every portion of floor space that’s taken up by rugs and furniture. Along the same lines, make sure that if you get new furniture, it’s not too large and crowded for the space that you have, neither is it small and inadequate. As a result, your living room is going to feel perfectly put together and ensure that you can entertain, lounge, or do whatever you please in your living room.

Another important tip to remember during living room upgrades is that light is important for the space, especially natural lighting. You can get this by installing new, larger windows and finding ways to keep them clean all through. You can also add skylights if you have the budget, especially if you’re making updates to the roof. This way, you can increase the light that you allow into the living room significantly. To ensure that the space feels even brighter and open, choose the colors that you paint the walls carefully, keeping in mind that neutral, pastel, and bright colors are best.

A bonus tip to keep in mind for the home updates that you choose to make in general is to consider what you want to use the space for. This is the best way for you to figure out the direction in which you want to take the project. If you have to make plans for space, lighting, or even specific furniture, make sure to find the best among these so that you can realize the outcome that you want. This may take a lot of online research and consulting with professionals to help you find what could work perfectly for you. It will all be worth it in the end because you’re going to have a space that doesn’t need to be worked on again in a short time to come.

To make sure that your home improvements are done properly, you need to consider hiring professionals rather than attempting to DIY. Look for the right person for each job, and keep in mind that they could charge you more money if they have the training and certification to warrant this. With the help of the right experts, you can be sure that the projects you do are going to be done professionally. This will save you time and money in terms of efficiency and expertise since you won’t have to learn new skills and buy or rent new tools to help you with the various projects. Talk to the expert that you hire comprehensively to make sure that you’re on the same page before the project even begins so that you have a chance of getting the best results.

Finally, remember to buy high-quality parts for any project that you need to do. While these may cost a bit more money, they’re going to give you better service. This makes it worth taking time before you get a given project done so that you save up for the best parts. You don’t even need to be making a luxurious remodel project or anything like that for you to need to get high-quality parts. You simply need to know that spending the additional cost at this stage can save you a repeat of the project that you just worked on.

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