Expert Tips for Exterior Lighting Design

Lighting Designer shares five essential tips for top-notch outdoor lighting.

The first thing to consider is fixture choices, such as small and big units. Big exterior lighting fixtures lead to an unpleasant appearance of the home as they’re visible to the public. Instead, homeowners should use smaller installations.

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Smaller fixtures can be well-integrated into the home. For example, tiny spotlights can be sunk into the ground away from children or pets.

Placement is another feature to look at. A professional lighting designer can place lights to avoid light pollution or trespass. Lights shouldn’t be a problem for neighbors or too bright for the eyes due to glare bombs.

Good exterior lighting takes into account the composition of the subject. A big tree may need about eight lights, for example. A house also requires a balance between darkness and light to prevent some areas from having more or less light.

Installing lights for a garage is an expert’s job because it involves drilling, placing wires underneath, etc.

The last crucial aspect to successful exterior lighting is wiring and connections. Wiring must have proper sheathing, thickness, and correct engineering. Connections should have strong sealants to cope with water intrusion points.

Get in touch with a lighting designer for professional outdoor lighting.

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