Hurricane Flood Cleanup Tips

If your home has experienced the detrimental affects of a flood, you should look into methods for flood cleanups. Watch this video for more information regrading the tools and practices you should use for flood cleanups.

The first step when cleaning up a flood ridden area is to remove anything that has gotten wet.

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This includes furniture, flooring, and carpet. You can use a sharp edged cutting tool to remove the carpet pretty easily. You want to make sure that anyone partaking in this process is wearing the appropriate safety gear. This includes gloves, protective glasses, and masks. After you remove carpeting or other wet things, you’re going to want to remove any sheet rock that has gotten wet. If you get a three foot flood line, you should remove up to the four foot seem in the wall. Anything there and below needs to be removed. To do this you’ll want to use some kind of serrated long blade. You’ll need this to slice out any of the insulation that has been wet and damaged.

You’ll also need different sized crowbars and nippers. The nippers will be used to remove any nails that are likely to rust. These rusted nails can prove to be hazardous to anybody working or living in the space in the future. You want to make sure you are following these steps correctly to avoid any safety issues.

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