how to make a garage into a bedroom

8 Tips to Turn Your Garage Into a Bedroom

The garage can be a great place to store your junk while also serving as a guest room. With just a few additions, you might have enough space for adding another bed or even an entire bedroom addition.

Here are eight tips to help you as you seek to determine how to make a garage into a bedroom:

1. Add Extra Lighting

It’s not always easy to work on a project when you’re doing it all by yourself, for example, if you are working on how to make a garage into a bedroom. There is a way for you to turn your garage into a bedroom by using a simple trick: installing extra lighting and carrying out necessary heating repairs. If your garage doesn’t get enough natural light during the day, or if it’s located in such a dark area that you can’t even see clearly in there, you can do something about it. By installing some extra lighting inside the garage, you’ll immediately make things better. It will enable you to see even when they are turned off.

The most common way to install additional lighting in your garage is by using a fluorescent tube light. Installing these types of bulbs as strip lights can be useful. In case you have a window in your garage, this is a great place to install some additional lighting strips above it. The next good place for installing an extra light source would be the walls on either side of the door. By doing this, you’ll be able to turn your garage into a bedroom and add some extra lighting in there.

2. Add a Bathroom

Even though adding an extra bathroom might seem like the last thing on your list of how to make a garage into a bedroom, it can be done! The bathroom will be located in the garage, but it will not necessarily look like one. You can make this special space stylish with a few easy decorating techniques. Start by picking the right colors for your new bathroom area. Think relaxing and calming. You can use some of the same materials from your bedrooms, such as the bedding or the curtains, but keep it simple until you get a feel for how to decorate a garage bathroom. Once you have a plan, paint the walls and trim with colors from your bedroom palette. Add accessories such as framed pictures or artwork to make the area more personal.

The design elements for this bathroom are similar to those in any other room. Soft colors and comfortable textures create the perfect space for relaxation and serenity. Cabinets and storage space will be needed, but the design is simple. It is easy to put together the things you already have. Use similar materials for cabinets, countertops, and floors. You can even use your current bedroom furniture in this new space so it will feel like home to you. Fixtures and accessories complete the look. Choose one of the competent plumbing contractors who also specializes in water damage restoration to assist you in executing this project. Shower curtains and a mirror all contribute to this room’s character. Cheap fixtures will not work here. They must be stylish and durable for a long-lasting impression that you can enjoy for years to come.

3. Add a Closet

The garage of your house is an integral part that can serve as a functional zone. This zone can turn into a bedroom or working room with the help of some decorations and design changes. If you want to determine how to make a garage into a bedroom, planning ahead masterfully will help you achieve better results. Start with making structural changes to create more free space in the garage. You can add a closet to your garage! To make a closet, you need a shelf bracket already installed on the wall behind your garage door. It’s easiest if your garage has a ceiling above the door because you can screw additional shelves into it. If there is no such beam, the shelf brackets have one more option where they can be attached – to the wall studs of the garage.

This is not as strong as screwing to a ceiling beam, but it also ensures reliable holding of the closet elements. The best option would be if there were some beams on which you could mount more brackets and attach one or two closets to provide enough space for storing tools and other items. At this point, you can add a closet to the garage, which will provide better functionality. If you choose a ready-made closet, then check if it can be installed in the current location. Look closely at its size and shape to see if it will fit your garage. Also, read the description to make sure that you can install it on your own. It should include installation instructions and tools required for assembly and an assembly video.

4. Avoid Cluttering the Room

Many people are wondering how to make a garage into a bedroom. But this is not so easy, especially if the garage has no windows, making it difficult for light to come through and thus dark at night. Cluttering the room with things will only make the atmosphere in the garage even more depressing than before. It would help if you also kept in mind that the bedroom is not only about the furniture and other things you put there, but it is more about its atmosphere. For this reason, if you want your garage to be turned into a bedroom, you should avoid keeping heavy objects there at all costs.

This will make it easier for light to come through and make it feel a bit livelier. Also, make sure that you don’t put heavy objects on the windows as well. If you can’t move them from there, cover them up with something to avoid getting dust in your eyes every time you enter the garage. The same applies to heavy tools and equipment; you should keep them at a different place. You will only succeed if your garage looks like a proper bedroom and if it takes care of its atmosphere as well. After you have managed to avoid putting too much stuff there, your next step is to make sure that your garage is clean. No matter if it’s a bedroom or a garage – all rooms need to be clean and tidy, so you should do the same with this one as well.

5. Combine the Garage and Your Bedroom

A garage is a place that is used to store stuff. It is an integral part of the house that you cannot ignore when thinking of developing your home. Garage has many uses, but the most important thing about this place is that you can also turn it into a bedroom. This sounds amazing, but it is also very easy to turn a garage into a bedroom. You need to consider a few things when you are determined to know how to make a garage into a bedroom. You can start moving your closet into the garage or if you have another room in the house, then use this room as storage for clothes and other stuff.

You can combine the garage and your bedroom to make a super awesome room that will have everything that you need, from storage to a place where you will sleep. You can even combine your garage and a home office by making them together. This is a great idea since you will save money and you can also work from home at times when you need to. It is easy to turn a garage into a bedroom; you have to take some items from the house and bring them to the garage. When you see how much storage space you have in a garage, you will become even more excited about this idea. All you have to do is think of a concrete contractor who will help you to actualize this dream in a style that will suit the garage and your room.

6. Install Taller Ceilings

To understand how to make a garage into a bedroom, there are several things that you have to put in place. First of all, the garage should be functional and comfortable. It should also be warm and dry. One of those things that you can put in place is the installation of tall ceilings. To do it, you have to hire a professional team that specializes in residential roofing and other remodeling services. Garage ceiling height is a significant matter. It can be a real problem if you do not have enough height. If the garage ceiling height is only 8 feet, installing tall ceilings might be a good idea to increase it to 10 or 12 feet.

It is good to add height to your garage because it can turn the space into a bedroom. In this way, you will have enough room for a queen-size bed that can accommodate a quality California king mattress. Not to mention that you can add more furniture inside your garage. Before you install tall ceilings, there are some things that you have to consider first. You need to know that they are expensive when compared to regular ceilings. However, they are worth the money. That is why you should consider installing tall ceilings in your garage. The price of the project will depend on what kind of ceiling you will choose. Some people prefer to install drywall, while others decide to use paneling. These are just some examples of materials that can be used when installing tall ceilings.

7. Add Sliding Garage-Style Doors

Converting your garage into an extra room is a great way to add additional living space for your family. The most common way to succeed on how to make a garage into a bedroom is by using hinged doors. However, hinged doors are often not practical as bedroom doors due to their noise when opening and closing. Adding sliding garage-style doors may be the solution you are looking for if you convert your garage into an extra bedroom. A sliding garage-style door is a stylish and practical way of adding additional living space to your home. Sliding garage doors also help increase the value of your home and can provide an extra measure of security over hinged-style doors. With the wide range of styles and color options available, you can be sure that a sliding garage door will complement your existing home décor. If you consider adding sliding garage-style doors to your home, there are several types of doors available. Full height and half-height mirrors can be used as sliding garage-style doors, or they can be combined with non-glass panels for a stylish look similar to French doors. The installation of sliding garage-style doors requires the services of a competent garage door repair contractor or a garage door installation company. In many cases, it is simply a matter of removing the old doors and replacing them with sliding garage-style doors.

8. Add Some Insulation

If you want to know how to make a garage into a bedroom, you can start by adding some insulation and performing a thorough HVAC unit repair. This will be the most important part of the job; it will be nearly impossible to install drywall on your ceiling and walls later on if this is not done right. If you are not sure how to make a garage into a bedroom, call a contractor to advise you on what insulation to buy. The contractor might even buy it for you if you supply the money. Insulation is also useful when trying to keep the garage cool in summer and warm in winter. This can be achieved by installing a vent in the wall. The vent will let in the fresh air and at the same time keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter.

Once you have insulation, it is time to install drywall or sheetrock on all four walls. If your garage is big, it might require three sheets of drywall. You will need to use screws and wall anchors when attaching the drywall to the ceiling and walls. It is also beneficial to buy a garage door insulation kit that offers double or triple protection against heat or cold. This way, you can save on electricity bills as your garage will become more energy efficient through insulating it.

Your garage can be a great place to turn into an extra bedroom. A converted garage provides the convenience of being close to home for visiting family and friends, as well as a separate space from your main house that gives you a bit more flexibility in how you use it. But if you’re considering how to make a garage into a bedroom, consider the above-discussed tips.

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